Espresso Maker by ROK
Don’t start your day weak and uninspired. The ROK Espresso Maker is a rugged, engine-grade aluminium powerhouse designed and engineered in London to boost your day with eco-friendly shot of fully customisable and handmade espresso. Its smooth, fully-manual form requires no electricity or wasteful pods, letting you get down and dirty with the unbridled freedom to make coffee exactly how you want to—you choose the pressure to deliver the ideal balance of coffee’s aromatic oils into your cup.

Editor’s note: Well, I use all of my morning energy just to get up and feed the tigers and make myself ready for the world. But some hipster guy would probably find this way of making his morning coffee more then cool!

Gum++ Portable Charger by Just Mobile heart

In every city, on every street, there’s a noise bound to elicit sympathy from strangers: the shrill, angry cry of a smartphone about to give its final charge. Sure, we carry our worlds in our pockets, but what good is a smartphone if the battery is dead? With a powerful 6000 mAh battery, the Gum++ Portable Charger is on hand to give devices new life up three times on one charge. Enclosed in a sleek aluminium shell and featuring a LED indicator to show battery life, the Gum++ is not only functional, but also good looking, with a form small enough to fit in a trouser pocket. Mobile technology shouldn’t be a dash between power outlets—so keep the charge going.

Editor’s note: In the last weeks more then once completely unknown people helped me charge my dying mobile. In trains you can charge your gadgets if you have a charger. I usually don’t have one if I am coming home the same day. But I was lucky enough to sit next to urban gradma with charger, iphone, ipad and great personal fashion style. She would fit well in the advanced style blog.

Switch Bluetooth Speaker by NATIVE UNION
The Switch portable Bluetooth speaker is a do-all powerhouse aimed at streamlining your desktop and empowering your communication needs on-the-go. This limited, special edition switch improves on the modern aesthetics of the original, with 3 speakers and an active subwoofer encased in soft rubber and leather with a copper fascia and rose gold detailing. Whether connected via Bluetooth from up to 10 metres away, from the USB port, or audio in and out jacks concealed behind a rubber panel, the Switch does more than just doing your tunes the justice they deserve. Armed with a microphone and compatible with Skype, Google Talk, and other VoIP applications, it can also be used for conference calls. Want more private talk time but your phone’s nearly dead? The Switch is also a portable charging device for all your mobile tech goods. What more could you need?

Monocle Speaker by NATIVE UNION, 20 eur
Without a doubt, smartphones have changed our lives more than any other invention in the last few years. We communicate differently, read differently, even listen to music differently, so it’s no wonder that our intelligent companions keep inspiring new products and accessories. NATIVE UNION’s Monocle Speaker is a tech triple-threat. Speaker, headset, and speakerphone in one, it can be connected to up to 10 more speakers for full surround sound. With an intuitive user interface and amazingly streamlined design, the Monocle is bound to become your newest favourite accessory—and your smartphone’s too.

Comfort and Colour for Winter Nights by Södahl heart
Founded in 1963 by artist and designer Hans Jürgen Schöbel, Danish label Södahl has established itself as a leading producer of living accessories and textiles that stand apart from the design crowd, bringing light and colour to the details that enliven daily life. Pairing abstract and graphic patterns with deeply saturated tones, Södahl’s textiles and homewares are designed for inspiration, a soft combination to carry you away on a daydream or off to sleep without ever being bored.

Luxury Care for your Car by HERRENFAHRT
When you’re on the road, appearances matter—and HERRENFAHRT is there to keep your wheels well-groomed. With a name that harkens back to Germany’s 19th century gentleman racers, who had to keep their carriages in tip top condition to take part in races, the German label injects time-honoured elegance into into its car-care range. Polishing any automobile, from classic cars to modern racers, to gleaming perfection, HERRENFAHRT’s products are there to serve the spirit of adventure still present in driving today.


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