Spun Pendant Lamp, white ceramic – by Room 9, 55 eur
London. The big city. The perfect place to find creative inspiration—and the hometown of Room 9. Co-founded by Guy Brown and Don Herd, the label harnesses the pulse of the capital into innovative furnishings, lighting, and home accessories. Room 9’s simple, functional, yet playful designs are created with carefully selected materials, moulded with care in the label’s hallmark style. Garnering accolades for the design duo and featured in exhibitions all over the world, Room 9’s creations are sure to brighten up your home and your day.


Gigaset SL910 Siemens Touchscreen
First home phone from Siemens with an intuitive, full-touch user interface on a large, 3,2” touchscreen. With its elegant, high-quality metal handset frame and charger, and advanced technology, it is both beautiful and highly functional. Your next home phone may just be the most sophisticated yet easy to use you’ve ever experienced.

Cosmetic you don’t have to hide in your bathroom, because of the ugly design. Sans Ceuticals.

The Leaning Loop
The story of the leaning loop began in a small space with a messy problem. While finishing architecture school, I was renting a small apartment with several roommates, no living room area and very little personal storage space. I would come home and walk straight to my bedroom and use just about any surface available to unload my shoes, coat, bike helmet, wallet, change, keys, etc.. My bedroom was constantly in disarray. This was also my living room, study area, and dining room—all very tight.

I wanted a nice piece of furniture to help organize my life and it needed to look amazing so I could enjoy what little space I had. I also didn’t want something that screwed into the walls only to have to remove them and patch the mess when I left. I looked everywhere for something that would fit a narrow space or hallway and not look clunky or cheap. I found very few solutions out there. So, I set out to design a piece of furniture that solved my problem.

After sketching, modeling, and building a number of full-scale prototypes, I worked through a number of design issues before refining the design you see today. I teamed up with a talented local woodworker, Greg Moogk, to help take my design to a higher level of quality and craftsmanship, and develop a method for small-scale local production.

Plug Hub Desk Power Cable Organizer – Quirky

Theo Stelton