How to navigate this blog?

How to navigate this blog?

Because you asked.
There are many ways to find former posts here:
• Freshly published posts well appear on the front page anyway.
• You can also search using toolbar on the left – under: recently posted.
• Or by clicking in calendar for a desired date and you will get all posts written on that particular day. Just scroll down.
• In order to browse forwards or backwards use those – I admit, not easy to see – arrows on the left or on the right.This way you can flip through the pages like reading a book (for those who still remember how this looks like lol ).

how to

• Or you can just click on a tag at the bottom of a post – if that particular post has any – and you will find all posts with the same tag.
• Also at the bottom of each post you will find suggestions under – related.
• You can also search using the category list on the left.
• Or search by archives selecting the month.
• Or using Arhiva and then again select the month.
• You can also use the search box in the sidebar on the top of the page to search for the key words in the titles of the posts.
Once when you have found what were you searching for just flip the pages back- or forward.

If you feel a need to share something with the world you can use comments section or to share only with me drop me an email at:

This is drama-free-zone. Thank you for respecting this.

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