Australia-based design house Lepaar transforms prosaic products into objects of desire. Lepaar’s collection of garden hoses, appropriately named the Garden.

Or even better – garden glory

For glamorous people with dirty nails

Garden Glory should have been at New York Fashion Week. “For glamorous people with dirty nails” is how Garden Glory embraces its fashionista, garden savvy, outdoor life-stylish client base – offering couture hose and rack options to suit any color palette. After seeing these, one can’t help but wonder how aesthetic options didn’t happen ages ago.

When the founder of Garden Glory moved into her house in Sweden, she had a nice terrace and outdoor living space that would be used often to entertain friends, BBQ, and plant beautiful flowers around. The only problem was the ugly green garden hose with the bright orange nozzle. It was the eyesore that robbed the space of its beauty. So she got in her car and went on the hunt for a better looking hose, preferably a white one. She realized, many stores and internet research later, that there was no such thing… and had the mother-wit and entrepreneurial spunk to take that as a cue. Because of this missing link Garden Glory was born, and hoses are now a finishing touch to outdoor design. Not only did she set out to add aesthetics to the world of hose and hose wall mounts, but also to allow for very personal customization, mixing colors of hoses and accessories to suit customers’ own personal style. Well played, Garden Glory.

Where the options were none, they are now many. Why shouldn’t gardening be glamorous? Why should you want to hide away your hose? This is brilliant.

Choose between colors such as Black Swan, White Snake, Candy Crush, Gold Digger and more.

All Garden Glory hoses are manufactured in Scandinavia. This means that the tube has tricot reinforcement around the inner tube, instead of the cheaper cross-reinforcement. This makes the hose pliable and flexible and prevents kinking. Kinking is a common and irritating problem when you drag your hose around the garden.
The outer plastic has a dirt resistant surface and is UV-protected so that the hose will stay looking great year after year. The nozzles come in classic (plastic) and deluxe (brass).

Who wants to cut the red roses in ugly gloves? Where are all the dazzling rakes hiding? And why is no one wearing sequined rubber boots when it is pouring rain?
Garden Glory wants the outdoor life to be more beautiful, elegant and merry. That is why they are the first company in the world to design colorful garden hoses, nozzles and wall mounted hose holders. They can be placed on any walls and you can mix, match and have fun with the designs.

The antler rack is light weight and super strong, made of iron and aluminium with powder coating.



Beardbrand premium beard oil is the highest quality blend of carrier oils that are combined with essential oils. Together, they give facial hair both a fabulous scent and a healthy appearance. Designed to be very lightweight, our oils keep your beard conditioned and shiny. In addition, beard oils help to soften and hydrate.

The Lumica lamp is based on the classic lamps popular in the United States in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century. These lamps are wholly hand-crafted by Polish artisans which ensures that each lamp is one of a kind. The stand is made of brass, Black ceramic details emphasize its unique character. It is sold in a set with a 3 meter cord and a dimmer, which will allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to the desired effect.

Parts of the analog dimmer can make a gentle sound, caused by the electricity flowing through the coil.

Be&liv is a Scandinavian design brand for contemporary gifts, unique home decor and lifestyle products. We create modern products with a fresh twist.


ERNIT – The Intelligent Digital Piggy Bank
Teach your kids how to manage money with ERNIT, the intelligent digital piggy bank. Children today live in a highly digitized world and ERNIT helps connect them to it. Looking like a modern take on the traditional pig design, this piggy bank is interactive with buttons and lights. Using the app, you and your child can set attainable financial goals such as money for a new bike or weekly allowance. The pig’s nose acts as a button and, when pressed, indicates what percentage of the goal as been achieved. The app also enables friends and family members to send money from anywhere for birthdays, holidays, or any other reward. You can also set multiple goals and your child can view their progress in the app. ERNIT is bringing the digitized world to your child with a healthy understanding of finances.

Rig-Tig Sink-Caddy by Stelton
Stelton for more tidiness on your counter. It was a spontaneous buy during my lunch break and it is the most perfect thing I bought recently!