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Squeezer by Normann Copenhagen
Squeezer, where the designers have challenged the boring task of squeezing the juice from citrus fruits. Instead, they have designed a fun Squeezer which can be adjusted in two ways, letting you press the juice from limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and even pomelo fruits – any citrus fruit really. As an additional practical detail, you can collect the juice and pour it straight from the Squeezer.

Design Objects Made of Wood by About Blank
Design studio About Blank, a transcontinental collaboration between Finnish and South Korean designers, produces collections of sleek and reimagined design objects that places it a cut above its competitors. Comprising everyday essentials including laptop stands and foldable chairs, About Blank’s series stands out for its commitment to experimentation and collaboration with leading creative minds.

We had recently Qualy products here, Qually Mini Happle storage bin.

There is also a table lamp with the same design.

Tubotec dispenser system
A new company has released a handy new product that allows you to consolidate your bathroom products into one dispenser! The tubotec multi-use bathroom dispenser can be utilized for an assortment of personal hygiene products including shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, toothpaste, hair conditioner, and hair gel!
Anything that helps to simplify your morning ritual is a winner to us! What we particularly liked about this new soap dispensing unit is the fact that it is universal. You can place the original bottle in the dispenser or you can transfer the contents into a separate tubotec container if you have OCD tendencies.