Water-Saving Shower Innovation by a3, 39 eur
Japanese label San-Ei knows well and truly what a good shower should feel like. At the forefront of faucet manufacturing for sixty years, the label recently decided to launch a new brand of bathroom accessories for the retail market: a3. Concentrating on the nature of water, its effect on skin, and its environmental impact, a3’s unique devices are thoughtfully designed and dedicated to making your daily washing routine both fun and full of comfort.
For sure on my short list for “to buy”.

A spray with a spa effect—Japanese label a3 understands exactly how each morning should begin. With 239 angled nozzles on a removable stainless steel plate, the bathroom accessory label’s Rainy Shower Head ensures an ultra-fine stream with wide, relaxing coverage. The Rainy’s plastic body features a temporary stop button on the handle and the model’s water saving attitude extends to its special flow rate, which reduces water usage by about 45% compared to conventional handheld shower heads. Luxurious with a splash of colour, it’s a comfortable step towards helping the environment.

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