Random pics – iphone only

February in Porto

Foggy morning

They can one thing for sure – cakes!!!!


Escaping winter


Random pics – iphone only

Last month in Porto, first week of february. Escaping winter. Go visit Portugal. It is beautiful country and people there could use your tourist money more then ever before.

Meanwhile at home 22 degrees less

If Portugal can one thing perfectly that this one thing would be cakes.

I orderd one small plan pancake ;-).

Livraria Lello Porto or Harry Poter bookstore
The bookstore was frequented by JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, when she taught English in Porto and is reported to be an inspiration for her writing. It si for sure one of the most beautiful bookstores you will ever see!

Foggy morning

One of the many beautiful old shops

Random pics – iphone only

Hi there! Evil eye, because I am packing for a trip.

Gift from a friend

Yes, of course I had to test what is all this “the ordinary” hype about. Very cheap products of a good quality, I re-ordered after this twice already.

Da mi je jos jedared proci Ilicom, pa da becarac nasvrljam cirilicom…

My wall art gallery is growing slowly

Beauty knows no pain

Morning shenanigans

Desenio poster delivery