Random pics – iPhone only

Last month. We never had that hot summer like this year. It was 10 degrees more then years before and this for last 6 months.

There is that one spot on my nose where sunglasses rub my skin and remove SPF product. This helped.

Sale. Like 80% sale.

Cedevita in liters every day.


Random pics – iPhone only

Last month, still hot

Seeing birds, but not able to catch them. Drives her crazy.

Best SPF ever. UVA 130 and UVB over 35. Usually it is UVA 15 if not even lower. For skin cancer patients. And me.

For really, really hot days. This watery essence. Lighter then air.

Random pics – iphone only

That day we had 39,5 degrees celsius outside. In a country used to have summer temperatures around 27 degrees. We died. No air condition, homes built not aware of that heat, we had over 30 degrees inside.