Random pics – iphone only

New shoes, dark blue

Real car

Beauty product of the month!heart
Formulated with 16 kinds of vegetable AHA ingredient (grapes, orange, apple, lemon, lime, Urea). Removes dead skin cells. Phytoncide promotes vitality for legs, and Shea butter provides nutrition and moisture.
I actually have nice and soft feet. But one can always do better right?
The third day after I got out of the shower, the disgusting, calloused, nasty skin on the bottom of my feet was bubbling. Where ist this coming from???
Not long after bits of skin were just sloughing off.
Anyway, it’s been 7 days now and my feet aren’t exactly “baby feet”, but they’ve NEVER been so smooth and even. I may just do this several times a year for maintenance. The peeling itself is pretty gross and takes a few days but it worked! Feel free to google images of this.