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My new beddings Tom of Finnland

Touko Valio Laaksonen (8 May 1920 – 7 November 1991), best known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland, was a Finnish artist known for his stylized highly masculinized homoerotic fetish art, and his influence on late twentieth century gay culture. He has been called the most influential creator of gay pornographic Images. Over the course of four decades, he produced 3500 illustrations, mostly featuring men with exaggerated primary and secondary sex traits, wearing tight or partially removed clothing.



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Lunch with friends

Cozy time of the year

Golden November

Decorating everything, DIY Christmas wreath




Kahla touch

molly marais copenhagen

Tom Cotton, an industrial designer, has just launched his latest project, eto, an elegant wine decanter that has been designed to not only store wine, but to preserve it as well.

Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Edition


Philips Fidelio E2

The “Cliff” suspension lamp is a sleek fixture whose multiple arms extend linearly

House Doctor Molecular

Lithuanian industrial designer Lukas Avenas has designed ’14’, an armchair that has built-in storage for magazines and books.

Grado GS 2000e


The Lexington Lamp by MONOQI

Flink Push Car Kit
Flink car, construct and put together your own playmobile
Building toys for your children—and then watching them enjoy them—is a fun way for parents to get creative and kids to learn about how objects are made. The Flink Push Car Kit by German label phim comes in sheets of locally sourced, untreated birch plywood so it can be assembled and decorated as you or your little ones aged 1 to 3 desire. It’s the ideal project for intrepid parents—and the nimble, playful result, with quiet tyres for indoors or out, is perfectly suited to little ones who like to get around in style.


Single Cup Coffee Maker Korean designer Kay Heekyung Kim introduces this object which is actually surprising coffee for one cup. Visually very successful, this object minimalist design and intuitive is to discover images in the future.

Philips-Fidelio-E5 heart


HTC Launches GoPro-Style Re Camera And Desire EYE Smartphone

All-in-one Grill by Studio Zebi heart



La Fonction – Laptop case
La Fonction NO1.2 offers a light laptop case dedicated to the computers 13-inch or 15-inch screen.
Realized with care and love in one of the best French workshop, each product is unique: numbered and signed by the craftsperson. This product enhances the elegant tension of leather combined with beautiful canvas for a chic and casual result. To take under your arm or to put it in your bag, this briefcase in leather and textiles is a real mobile workstation which folds out to protect the screen from reflections as well as prying eyes, guaranteeing the user’s isolation and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office.




JBL Micro wireless ultraportabler Mini Bluetooth speaker heart

Bestial Bookends by zĂĽny, 1000 g
We’re just never too old for some things. That’s why grown men still read comics and granddad spends hour after hour in the basement with his model railway. Asian label zĂĽny caters to just such desires, livening up the grey adult world with some childish glee through its amusing aesthetics. The firm’s range of loveable household accessories are made by hand and so have a particular attention to detail—enriching objects to give a warm feel to nurseries and parental living rooms alike.

Appointments, commitments, responsibility—adult life is tiring and pretty dull. The bookends by zĂĽny take on the forms of animals to brighten up humdrum existences. In the Asian label’s world, each panda, cat, or cute creature is crafted by hand with extra attention paid to the tiny details, bringing them to life. Playful design for the young at heart.

I Power Strip by onkto katuh
In 1984, the words Eastern Bloc took on a new meaning: Tetris. Fast forward 30 years and Berlin-based label onkto katuh is putting a playful twist on the concept of Soviet power, taking Cold War era Russia’s most successful cultural export as the inspiration behind their Tetriplug collection. These fully-functional, hand-cast concrete power strips come in a series of shapes so familiar, they may just induce Tetris effect. With textile cables in a series of bright colours that any player will remember well and 4 Duroplast sockets, you have more than enough space to plug in your stereo and blast Korobeiniki.


Some functional items can afford to be neglected—unless they are given a new lease of life, that is. 250 Design does just that. The Korean label’s Water Bottle Dehumidifier is a new slant on a boring old necessity: in a slender form with a long hooked end, the Water Bottle can be easily hung between clothing in a wardrobe to contain moisture and keep away the damp. Don’t neglect your clothes or innovative design.

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