Multi Basket by Menu heart heartheart
the Multi Basket reimagines the everyday picnic basket for multiple uses. Made of felt-lined bamboo wood, the basket is a sleek tabletop tray all winter long and a beautiful basket for easy outdoor meals in the summer. Two fitted, air-tight containers have bamboo lids doubling as serving trays, while ingenious cooling pads only require a few hours in the freezer before use to keep snacks cold. A year-round picnic basket, to keep summer memories alive.


190×240 Star Bed Cover by Mette Ditmer
The three pillars of Scandinavian design are exactly the way you want to see your home: simple, honest, and clean. Bringing colourful and graphic twists to this classic aesthetic, Mette Ditmer believes that life and design are perfectly intertwined—in both, it’s the details that make all the difference. Her love of straight lines plays out across the Star Bed Cover. A playful approach to patterning in a soft tone, these bold covers are a timelessly chic addition to lighthearted interiors.

Design for the Home
Since time immemorial, wood has been the go-to material for interior and furniture design. Used again and again for its stability, durability, and its inimitable textures, wood forms the basis of the pieces by Estonian label Design for the Home. The result of the label’s work with esteemed London-based designer Leonhard Pfeifer, the Collection delights with its subtle, clean lines, contrasting tones, and refined aesthetics.

Mobile Power with Style by Boone Collection, 16 eur

It takes a lot of smarts to add to the performance of already ingenious Apple products, but sometimes the biggest differences come from the simplest aspects—like the cable. Founded with the idea of improving everyday details, Boone Collection created a range of stylish charging cables for iPhones, iPods, and iPads, approved and certified by Apple, that avoid tangles due to their nylon coating. The James Dean cable keeps your lightning connection at arm’s length and does so in a dapper pattern, bringing a little bit of personality to the ordinary, and a little bit of peace of mind where it’s due.
Editor’s Note
Plus you can choose between 2 or 3 meter cabel and avoid also that your colleague takes your new cable by mistake and leaves you with old, used and cracked one.

Storm Lantern by FEUERHAND
There’s a reason that people around the world have been turning to the storm lanterns by FEUERHAND for over a hundred years: they get the job done. While you’re adventuring in the great outdoors, camping, or simply relaxing on the terrace, the FEUERHAND Baby Special 276 lights your way without excess fuss, smoke, or fear of it falling over. With a zinc-plated surface and heat-resistant, shatterproof Suprax glass, the lamp is durable and stable, and its odourless kerosene fuel, sealed tightly in the fuel reservoir, means a cleaner experience. A German-made icon that burns for up to 20 hours, this practical lantern leads the way on any dark night.