Arundel Pendant Lamp by Daniel Schofield
English designer Daniel Schofield diligently focuses his work on clean design, honest production, and the strong character of tactile materials. Named after the former heart and soul of Sheffield’s metal working industry, Arundel Street, his industrial-style pendant lamps are made with a skilled hand and sharp attention to detail—each a contemporary homage to the unjustly neglected handicrafts of yesteryear.

Tea Pot by Tree of Tea
The clearest path to a soothed mind is a soothed soul, and nothing will get you there faster than cradling a wonderfully aromatic and warming cup of tea in your hands. Because tea’s wonderful bouquets are even better when they come from lovingly hand-picked, organic sources, Tree of Tea enlisted tea specialist Franz Thiele to help blend the label’s custom selections. Using only organic ingredients farmed with a focus on sustainable ecology, the wonderful qualities of Tree of Tea’s exclusive blends flourish when brewed in the stainless steel filter of this elegant porcelain tea pot by renowned Japanese label Kinto. Wrap yourself in peace.

Singular Storage Solutions by Menu
There’s one question at the heart of your home: how are you going to furnish it? Over the years most of us acquire a ragtag ensemble of pieces, adding up to a sense of chaos despite our best efforts at cohesive styling. Established in 1979, Danish label Menu focuses its creative energies on creating objects that speak volumes about intuitive design, materiality, and the comforts of home. This selection of storage products is designed to cleverly bring a sense of order to domestic spaces with clear and timeless Scandinavian aesthetics.

Fuwl Cage Mirror Menu
Clutter is an uncontrollable force of nature, even in the most minimalistic homes. Danish label Menu partnered up with multi-talented Stockholm design studio Form Us With Love to brighten boring hallways and create storage for those bits and bobs that tend to linger. Gathering stray scarves, fugitive gloves, and even order-evading sunglasses in its cage and offering a chance to check your look before you rush out the door, the FUWL Cage Mirror is a double marvel in coloured steel. Minimal design and maximum aesthetics, all wrapped in pleasing clutter control.

Fuwl Cage Shelf by Menu

Afteroom Coat Hanger by Menu

My Spot by Menu
Danish label Menu partnered up with Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus’ Czech design studio to add a playful element to displaying documents. Notes, calendars, sketches, concert tickets, and postcards can all be beautifully composed on a minimal wire across three anchors and with a circular weight on the end. Minimal design and maximum aesthetics, all wrapped in pleasing clutter control.

Phold 01 Container by Menu heart
Danish label Menu partnered up with Shane Schneck to design an all-purpose container. Gathering up bits and bobs in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even the office, the Phold is flexible and soft—in terms of shape, material, and colouring—and is made from food-safe silicone, with a lid that folds down to keep the contents safe. Minimal design and maximum aesthetics, all wrapped in pleasing clutter control.

Bobino Side Table by MEME DESIGN
Analogous to a funny meme in your inbox, ideas in society replicate and spread from one mind into another. Holding the ambition to share its sharp ideas through design impressions, Italian label MEME DESIGN brings life to sheet iron with colourful and influential forms for its collections of contemporary furnishings. Made of sleek powder-coated iron, a melamine tabletop with fir wood optics, and hidden wheels for easy movement, the practical Bombino Side Table by Enrico Cesana and Meme Lab complements any space with a sophisticated character and material contrast—creative, dynamic and something to talk about.