Goodbye dearest

We found this little treasure in a garbage bin, ill, starving and were not sure will she make it at all.

She made it. And is such a beauty now. heart

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After 6 months beautiful young family adopted her. A sister from a work colleague. I was crying for days and weeks, getting up in the middle of the night thinking that I can hear her. But every week was worst and worst, she was attacking my old lady cat, ripping her hair, in one moment beating her in another gently cleaning her?! We tried everything, even animal therapist, homeopathic stuff, I don’t know what not.
The therapist concluded we are doing everything right and took as 160,00 for a hour. For looking around. It didn’t help us any futher. We tried special diet, bought more interesting interactive toys.
500,00 eur later, we were equally clueless, desperate and sad.
I miss her so much. So much.
But she was unhappy and bored in the apartment, despite huge balcony, trees, birds etc. Now she has big garden for herself, trees which she adores to jump on and off, best budyy – extremely fondly baby adoring her. He is so loving with her – kissing and gently touching and she licks his face most of the time.

They play all they long together and she is not anymore alone whole day, closed in one part of the apartment during I am working in order to prevent her from molesting the old cat. The old lady cat loved this cutie pie.
But she was afraid, stressed and not happy with mood switches the little one had.
Couple of people told me that tricolre is a special live wire – and this is for sure the case! 24/7 searching for a trouble.

She now has a company the whole day of a stay at home mom. I am still paying health insurance for her and we agreed if they decide at some point for whatever reason that they don’t want her – they will bring her back to us. But they already love her, letting her do anything she wants. This are the pics from the first four days.

On the top of thr world.

We have our wall of fame in the entry and she is there among other furry friends and I am happy to see her picture every day. I miss so much her pink nose, her smell and her little tricks.


I hope she is happy and also hope that she doesn’t think that I betrayed her.
Two days before the day D came, she knew everything. She knew, was crying and cuddling with me every single minute that I was around. She was so quiet. Not twittering around the apartment as every other day. Skeeping on my belly.



She got play tunnel, bed, blanket, everything with her and my best friends gave her presents on her way. She was loved. She is loved now.
I hope I will stop missing her some day.