4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14″ – DELUXE Collection Cat Scratcher

Sealed bottom and sidewalls keep catnip, cardboard chips and debris well contained
• Raised enclosure makes a cozy place for your kitty to curl up and have a perfect nap
• Replaceable cardboard scratching pad is dense and reversible for extra longevity
• Modern minimal design blends nicely with your home décor
• Set includes: Round Cardboard Casing and a pair of Scratching Pad Replacements

Wall mounted pet feeder


Better safe then sorry! Blog Grossstadtkatze used curtain track to fix the safety net. Perfect idea.


Random pics – iphone only

Our cat for this summer holiday. She was fed twice a day by us and in this short time she started to look so much better and healthier. She kept coming every single day at the same time. Last day she walked in the garden and behind her there were four babies, she proudly wanted to show them to us. Good mama.


Hannah sofa from bolia


Thirty_Samuel Wilkinson

&tradition utzon lamp

Worn_Samuel Wilkinson for Casamania

Design for cats
Cat Feeder – it is better for your cat and her digestion to eat from a raised bowl

And my all time favourite! Vivipet

Dear vivipet please deliver to Europe.

Enclosure on the bottom is built to limit your pet from walking under or knocking over the feeder.

15 degree tilted platform is perfect for easy eating and licking; Raised platform design lowers stress and pressure to your pet’s joints and stomach.

Shallow and Wide Ceramic Bowls reduce Whisker Stress for your cat, enhancing their comfort while eating.

The hand crafted ceramic bowls are heat and dishwasher safe. You can also purchase them individually.

Vivipet loves dogs too!

Random pics – iphone only

Everywhere cats. And I fed them all.

Poor babies. They will never know what a warm home and a soft pillow is. Feral cats. Adopt if you can. But spay and neuter every single cat you can! This saves lifes!

Sleeping on the hot and hard stone, only home they will ever know. 😦