Random pics – iphone only

Not cat-proof!

A friend and her bunny

Another friend, what they understand unter festive dress code


Random pics – iphone only

The Diva

Every morning same procedure – yoga on her beloved tree. Position called – kiss my claw!

Not there at all

Unsure which flowerpot fits the best, I tried 2-3. During trying other two were knocked down by the cat. Which made my decision much easier.



Fancy way of cleaning your home

Random pics – iphone only

DIY from a friend

Grinch like

Soft colours

Cat proof!

Our advent decor

TV help

Hi there

Fries before guys. Poutines.

Karaoke in irish Pub or how to make a fool of yourself and even have fun during it.

Random pics – iphone only

My second favourite word – desinfect. The first one is cat.

Especially if you were ill recently.

Stelton sink Caddy for more tidiness on your counter. It was love at first sight. My sudden lunch find.

And my one and only this morning, please don’t go.

***not my pic*** I need this pajama.