Random pics – iphone only

Finally spring heart

New in, belly sleeper

The cat lady loves this box. Video in one of the following posts.

Urban gardening

The old one died a week ago, the new one had to move in. ASAP. His brother, the epilator is still working.



Window shopping

Breakfast – office life

And dinner

New iphone has an amazing camera heart

Never shower alone!


Tom Dixon Mirror ball heart

Bernard-Albin Gras Lampe Gras No 210 heart
Son of a draftsman and a homemaker, Bernard-Albin Gras was born in Saint-Raphaël, France, in 1886. He would become an engineer and tireless inventor who registered dozens of patents, including one for Lampe Gras (1921). A product of Gras’ passion to improve working conditions for hundreds of laborers in ordinary machine shops, research laboratories and design studios in the 1920s, this lighting solution is capable of meeting the needs of many different users.

Lee Broom Clear Crystal Bulb heart

Buster + Punch