Next chair by Infiniti heart
Italian label Infiniti is breaking new ground in the world of design. The label’s Next chairs showcase this fearless approach, with a comfortably rounded polycarbonate seat and beech wood legs, all conceived with bold colours, modern forms, and the latest manufacturing techniques in mind.

Binuance Swivel Chair by Infiniti


Ballroom XL Lamp by Design By Us heart
Colourful and eye-catching, the Ballroom Pendant Lamps are made of mouthblown glass, painted by hand into bold jewel tones to lend light to cheerful homes. Hung alone or in a series, large or small, in one colour or multiple, the Ballroom shines a creative light wherever it hangs.

SOI Handbag Light by SOI
Bringing light into the depths of the darkest terrain you’ve ever experienced—the bottom of your handbag. A portable light activated by the slightest touch, the SOI is here to end the daily toil of rummaging through the dark expanse of your purse for keys, cosmetics, and all of life’s little knickknacks that always seem out of sight. Featuring quality LEDs and a long-lasting battery for up to 6000 cycles, the dark ages are finally over with the energy efficient light from SOI.




Buddy lamp
Referred to by designer Mads Sætter-Lassen as “the little helper everyone needs”, the ingenious Buddy lamp won Northern Lighting’s Student Design Award last year.


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