Random pics – iphone only

Here we are. Healthy, bigger and  cheekier than ever!

In Oktober this little cutie pie had 800 gramm, was ill, had fleas, food problems, was so fragile that I was afraid to hold her.

She adored to sleep under my chin. We are still repaying vet bills, but she is now 2,5 kg  of healthy, happy, playful, affectionate and just adorable kitten.

The phone is 16 cm long, just to compare. It must be all that chicken, tons of it she ate last weeks.

She twitters around the clock, I have never before seen such a happy cat. She is just happy to be alive.

Oh, is this a can opening?!

Yes it is! I better hurry!

This cutie pie is so much like my tomcat who left as last march. So much like him. She loves to restreive anything she can catch, she loves to tell you where she is if you are searching her, she loves the same cheese as adored, my other little diva never ever ate a peace of cheese.
She has the same silky hair he had, purrs like tractor from the day one just like he did, loves water and showers with me like he did. Every day I am more and more suprised how alike they are. She even sleeps mostly in this one spot he adored too.

We still miss him a lot. A lot. I visit his grave still most of the time just to be there and enjoy the silence.

Best colleauges ever

In the hood

New in, post-christmas sale