If you don’t want a telescopic rod, you may need this. It is a backwagen, sliding oven door.

It changes the picture, depending how hot your iron is

When medicine, toiletries, and cleaning products start to pile up, your bathroom can turn into a total mess. Fortunately, Ikea is an excellent resource for affordable organization products that will keep your space in order. The Swedish retailer’s innovative items with low price tags prove that you shouldn’t be buying this stuff from any other brand. Do yourself a favor and tidy things up!

This combined technology creates a responsive touchscreen of up to 80 inches on any flat Surface


wine-decanter-and-preserver. eto wine by tom cotton

Pidan Studio


Stelton bread box



Kahla touch

molly marais copenhagen

Tom Cotton, an industrial designer, has just launched his latest project, eto, an elegant wine decanter that has been designed to not only store wine, but to preserve it as well.

Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Edition