Random pics – iphone only

Oh Turkey.I am so sad to hear the news this days. So many bad things happened lately. Poor country will now have even less tourists then the last month, less money and more poor people mean tragedy for street animals there!
And now this man hungry of absolute power will let off the steam. He just started to have fun.



New cotton blanket for me. Beautiful texture and perfect cover for a summer night.

Feral cats in Turkey

And everywhere else. Like Greece, Spain, Italy. And probaly in most of the warm and poor countries around the world.
Please adopt if you can.

First part here.

All cats here are street cats andare  searching a loving home. On the street and after the tourists are gone they won’t survive long.

Mama cat and her ginger babies wait for their forever home. The woman I met there is feeding all of them! From her private money which is like not existent.

This is a feeding point. For the time the tourist are there. Then they are gone and cats starve.

It is not what you think. That sweet kittens are just sleeping.
They are slowly dying.
They are desperate.
Because they are hungry, thirsty, alone, afraid and in pain.
Evil turkish women bring them to the park to die there, alone and agonizing.

You see in video in last post that they are alone, no mama cat, they are the only comfort they have to each other. Snuggling together and waiting for a destiny.
They can not eat dry food what tourists leave, they are too small.

Neutring is FREE, the state pays for it, but some local women don’t see any other purpose to be alive for ANY human being then to bear. It is so dangerous to humanize animals.
And so wrong.
So they are against neutring, cats get babies 2-3 times a year, they keep one nicest kitten and bring to the city park the rest to die. And then you are walking along the harbor and see at every single moment 200-250 babies crying and dying there. I don’t understand how anybody can stay normal with all that tragedy.

Last morning, my feral friends waiting with me for my bus. Me sitting there and crying. Crying all the way to the airport, in plane and after landing. Because I was not able to help to them too. And wanted that so much.

The bus driver literally had to pull away the cats from me.

Anaway I was somehow happy that they all came, as soon as I came out of the hotel and we were able to say goodbye. heart

She was also feral many years ago. Until she came and brought joy and love in our home. heart
Right now I can type only with one hand, the other one is she holding and sleeping on my belly. heart

Random pics – iphone only

Where I spent last two weeks

Leaving this

and coming here

Hotel bird

And in this paradise hundreds of feral kittens. Everywhere you look. Half of my days there I spent helping them, helping locals to bring ill animals to the vet and all together drama drama. I even took with me in a plane two older cats. Crazy cat lady. I spent all of my money on medicine and food.
This little baby cat won’t probaly survive until the end of the summer, feral dogs search for food…but following post will be solely on this topic.

Cat feeding point. At least as long as the summer season lasts 😉

Searching for refreshment in the hills. Dinner on water.