Random pics – iphone only

Office, almost every day

Art work of a dear friend – chopping board/serving board

Fast food dinner

Back ups…i know

What’s for dinner?

stay safe during dark season

Lunch walk

Best asisan street food, food truck coming twice a week




Double Wear Waterfresh Makeup


Do we age as we sleep?
Probably. Sleeping is the best medicine? Depends on your pillow.

Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle

DreamSkin Hydrating, Beauty Pillowcase


Next level ha,ha. Anti wrinkle breast pad. We should probably sleep upright fastened with belts to avoid all that skin wrinkling.


EmbraceBra eliminates side-sleeping problems! No more squashed breasts or morning chest crease.



My Burberry Blush von Burberry

Teoxane amazing skin care

Skin care products that work. Like really work. Once or twice a year they have a special offer. Their RHA Serum ist a real game changer.

What your beauty doc can do for you

I love most Elie Saab scents like Elie SAAB Le Parfum in White

Balade Sauvage Dior

diptyque eau des sens