Random pics – iphone only


Best eye cream ever.

Best ever for i did too much retinol and peelings days

Dinner is ready

And breakfast too!

43 and happy



What your doc can do for you

Beauty doc

Cheap retinol

UVB 100 and UVA around 35. Most SPF products have UVA 10-15!

Love everything hier

Best anti aging product? Sun protection every single day.

Jill Stuart – most beautiful package

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek

Random pics – iphone only

Some more traveling. In the last 4 weeks I stayed at home for 4 days and this not in the row. Good food, interesting people, but I do miss my cutie pie. Like physically missing her. When I am finally back we will just sleep and cuddle for couple of days.

If you find your garage door boring…