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Today for the first time this year the air smelled like autumn. No, it was not cold or anything like that, it just smelled like warning for humid air, cold, darkness and rain. This made me really sad.

I adore spring and summer. And very much dislike everthing after the indian summer. We have so many festivals in our area during the summer, the city is full of relaxed people and alive and those misanthropic creatures stay at home.
We have 4-5 music festivals, wine festivals, festivals just because and so on. Then suddenly summer season is over. Already? Where did time fly? I still wanted to go to so many places this summer!

What I hate about autumn? Well, just everything.

Thick, bulky clothes, less daylight, closed shoes Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-11.10.23, no more barries to eat, no more sun on my skin (SPF 50 will keep me young anyway). No more BBQs at friend’s places. 2-3 hours long breakfast just in underwear on my balcony. It’s getting crowded again in the city. Crowded with grumpy people. My nice heeled sandals bye bye…

All of this amazing summer fruits are gone. I prefer berries, cherries, melons… to apples and pears. Only good thing about autumn are pumpkins. I am crazy about pumpkins and eat them all time time. As a soup, stuffed with feta cheese, garlic and herbs and baked, as a pumpkin cake and so on.

I hate anything warm around my neck. I don’t wear scarves or anything on my head, even if it is minus 15 and snow storm outside. I also hate turtlenecks. It’s getting darker again in the evenings. And in the mornings.Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-11.10.23 With rain and fogg. It gets to cold and to wet to just sit in a park and read a book in a break. It takes longer to get dressed as you need to put on a lot more layers of clothes than in summer! It makes less fun to wear pants then lovely summer dresses.

Cats can not spend ther whole days and nights! on the balcony and are grumpy sitting inside.

No more riding a bike and enjoying fresh breeze on your face and everywhere else. Khm. People are more sociable and more outside during summer and you can have a fresh, healthy meal prepared in just 15 minutes. Without heavy food making you so tired afterwards. No more roof parties, private or not. No more long coffee time outside in the sun. People get very passive and kinda lazy in a dark and cold time of the year. Not to forget winter blues. Or the fact that all of you gain some weight during winter.

I LOVE summer, and fall just seems like a depressing¬† and GREY¬† Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-11.10.23 reminder that winter is coming. Just too wet, too dark and to cold. I am not ready for autumn. I never am. I even suffer first couple of fall days and still wear sandals and freeze, just because I don’t want to give up summer.

Let’s celebrate summer today. Real whining will come in a few days, I am sure. This was just a short outline.

From the movie I really liked.

As I was writing this post I recevied a phone call and am now crying with happiness, because our beloved Emily – a cat of a dear friend was missing and return this noon after 7 long weeks of missing and God knows what we all did to find here. I am so happy!

Never give up your cats! Never.

We had already in the past missed cats but for Emily I never felt that it was final, I somehow knew she is still there, somewehere outside. She will need time to recover, but she is home and this is the most beautiful thing to start the week with.heart