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Design 10 points heart, but I would never buy it again! I burned myself many times or had a coffee stain on my clothes.


Pip White by PIP Studio heart

Bloomingville Dots Cool Grey

Advent by Nordal heart

Advent by Nordal heart

If Hay is too expensive, house doctor has an alternative

Twister  house doctor heart

Brita Sweden


H + M heart

hem pal stool heart


Ocean trolley, Hans Thyge

Thali table by Miki Astori

Transabed xl


Butler by Anthony Duffeleer

Paint Senior Hook by Creativando
‘Made in Italy’ is a term that’s writ large across the design world, setting the standards for appearances, production processes and makers. Choosing its materials with the care and attention fitting these exemplars, Italian label Creativando makes home accessories that are high quality, practical, and of course aesthetically pleasing. The Paint Senior Clothing Hook in beech and aluminium is quirky yet beautiful when not in use and perfectly functional with a coat or scarf hanging on it—a well-rounded example of just why Italian design is so sought after.

Paint Baby Hook by Creativando

Menu Tea Pot Warmer for the Kettle Tea Pot heart
Tea Pot Warmer – porcelain tea pot warmer with a silicone knobs designed by Menu
The characteristic hole on the side supplies oxygen to the tea light candle. Four silicone knobs ensures that the tea pot securely remains in place.


Antia Chair by Formabilio
Groundbreaking label Formabilio works with young designers to bring their creations to the world stage, and up-and-coming designers Alpestudio Architetti Associati caught the label’s eye with its Antia Chair. With solid steel and graphic lines, the Antia is incredibly stable while retaining a visual lightness. Used alone or in combination with its matching cushion, the Antia is an elegant piece that invites you to sit comfortably in the office, bedroom, or dining room in fittingly contemporary style.

Modì Stool by Formabilio heart



Solo storage trolley. Design: Malin Lundmark and Jonas Rylander for Röshults

Jo Stool from Punt Mobles

Profile Chair. Design: Sylvain Willenz for STATTMANN

Gaurav Nanda is an LA-based designer who took the leap from working in the corporate world as a product designer (mostly cars) to launching his own business, Bend. The premier range for the company includes several chairs which are made from a process of shaping, or “bending”, and spot welding to not only give them beautiful lines but strength too. Gaurav has taken his inspiration from many areas, including the architecture of primitive Amish barns.

2HOT SALT AND PEPPER – AUTHENTICS. Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud

Radius Letterman

Wall pillow by Smool

Mondaine Round Wall Clock. I love Mondaine and have their wrist watch. So called railway style.
Mondaine is the trademark for a series of watches made by the Swiss company Mondaine Watch Ltd.
A line of Mondaine watches is heavily influenced by classical Swiss railway clocks, called the Official Swiss Railways Watch/SBB, to a design licensed from the Swiss Federal Railways since 1986. This design, by Hans Hilfiker, originated in 1944.
Once again, good design is timeless!

Trivia: Apple iPhone Clock
In 2012, Apple paid 22.5 million Swiss Francs to Mondaine to licence the design for use in the iPhone clock. Mondaine initially threatened to sue because Apple’s iPhone clock closely resembled Mondaine’s trademark design, but Apple agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Yes, it is unisex. I don’t like tipical female watches. I never did. They offer same style in 5 or 6 sizes. From small lady watch to XXL masculine version. It is simple, high quality and has timeless design. Classic with none classic detail., the red one.