Desk organizier
YUUE is a Berlin-based design studio that reimagines objects for daily life. One Piece Organizer. Accessory. Balancer. Lighting. Bento. Lighting.

Balance is designed for those who are addicted to smartphones, it advocates a balanced life between work and amusement.
Balance is inspired by a balance scale. When off, the lamp remains down. To turn on the lamp, the user must insert a smart phone into the slot on the rear. As the lamp rises, it automatically goes on. The user will be faced with the question: whether keep working, or give in to the temptation of using phone and lose light

Angry Lamp
Angry Lamp is a human-like lamp with character. It keeps an eye on how people use energy. If it’s too bright, it will turn itself off immediately. If people have left without turning it off, it will also turn itself off after a while.

Hotpot-Set is a redesign of the traditional Chinese hot pot.
Hotpot-Set consists of an electric pot, plates and bowls. The sculpture like form refers to that of a traditional hotpot. Hotpot-Set has ried to preserve the tradition by optimizing the user experience and re-interpret it in a modern and rational way.

Grohe blue

GROHE Blue Professional – kitchen tap with filter function, for pure sparkling water

Why lug around heavy water bottles when you can draw a great-tasting table water straight from your GROHE Blue Professional kitchen tap? Available in the variants still, medium or sparkling to suit your palate, and always perfectly pure. Any undesirable substances that could cause odor or impair its taste are safely removed by the 5-phase filter. Naturally, this versatile kitchen tap also delivers unfiltered tap water and comes with all the features you would expect of a conventional sink mixer. Its high 180° swivel spout allows you to fill tall carafes or rinse big pots with ease. Crafted in an appealing design and finished in durable GROHE StarLight chrome, it will impart a radiant lustre to your kitchen

Transform ordinary tap water into a refreshing treat that is free of lime and other impurities. With GROHE Blue smart filter technology your tea and coffee will taste better and your coffee machines and egg cookers will last longer. Plus you can put the water straight into your iron.

GROHE Blue filter safely removes undesirable substances of your water
GROHE Blue filter5-phase technology removes lime, heavy metals and chemicals like chlorine to leave utterly delicious drinking water. Changing the water filter is quick and hassle-free, too!

Two in one! Replacing your regular tap with GROHE Blue Duo gives you instant flexibility. Ordinary tap water? Filtered water for drinking? The choice is yours! For perfect purity, separate inner water ways ensure the normal tap water and the filtered water never come into contact. And the handy high spout is perfect for filling tall carafes with lovely filtered water.

Make your kitchen super functional with a high spout tap
For hardworking kitchens, this full-height tap is up to every job you can throw at it. No more struggling to fit jumbo pots under the tap, this lets you scrub, rinse and fill with ease.

Angle your tap with just a light touch
Perfect for multitasking and twin sinks, this tap with its graceful turn lets you glide between jobs using the lightest touch of your hand. It’s a particular asset when you’re multitasking with your tap or if you have a double sink in your kitchen.

Swivel range taps rotate 180˚ offering full control
Fit GROHE quality taps that look great and function beautifully but will work on a wall-mounted basin in a compact bathroom or in a kitchen where the sink space is restricted. The action is silky smooth but the half-circle swivel means your walls and cupboards will be safe from knocks.

GROHE Starlight chrome coating on taps means you can just wipe them down with a dry cloth – no marks, no streaks, no water spots. The ultra-bright surface is scratch-resistant so will keep its original lustre with minimal maintenance.

Having a GROHE SilkMove cartridge in your taps is the ultimate convenience. You can vary water temperature and flow with barely a touch of the handle, and GROHE’s superior German engineering and craftsmanship means it will work as brilliantly for years to come.


Bed Linens by LOUISE ROE
Wild adventures, mountains made of candy floss, and the ability to fly: what we dream is completely unpredictable. The sheets we lay down to sleep on, on the other hand, are completely up to us. The softly patterned, high thread count cotton sateen of Danish label LOUISE ROE’s bed linen radiates absolute comfort and relaxed simplicity—just the perfect covering to see you off into dreamland.

5-Plug Extension Socket by Punkt
Why are most power boards, well, board shaped? The awkward format can mean big plugs don’t fit next to small plugs, and before you know it, you’re just tripping over a pile of cables. In collaboration with Georges Moanack, Swiss label Punkt. has finally put that right. The rounded form of the ES 01 Extension Socket has room for five plugs, without each ever having to fight for space. With an illuminated switch to kill the power when you need to, a 3-metre-long cable, and an included clip to keep the cable chaos under control, it’s a real live wire—but one with the extra safety of a built-in fuse.

Thermo Bottle by 24Bottles
Every time one of 24Bottles’ stainless steel bottles is refilled, the world breathes a little easier—a simple flip of the tap releases less than a fraction of the carbon dioxide emitted by the production of a plastic bottle. The beautifully designed stainless steel Thermo Bottle makes it that much easier to leave plastic in the dust, with a double-walled construction that keeps cold refreshments chilled for up to 24 hours, and warm drinks hot for nearly 12. Add recycling-ready graceful cardboard packaging designed by Luca D’Antuono, and every sip from a 24Bottle comes with more than a few green karma points.

Colibri Chair by Markus Johansson for HansK

Oeuf Classic Birch Toddler Bed

buttering board ferm living

Louise Roe. Opbevaringsglas

Oeuf Crib

The W+W Stationery Series by Swedish brand Ideaco & Oliver Franz is a minimal stationery and desk organizer. The “W+W” stands for white ceramic and wood. The tray holds pens, paper clips, and other small items, as well as a memo pad and a smartphone. The grooved tray can also accommodate your iPhone charger when not otherwise occupied.