FLOS Serena LED Table Lamp

Art at Society6

The MB Original Black lunch box is guaranteed to harmonise with your style, your meals, and the environment – at work and at home.




Affordable art. Great source of gift inspiration. Or a place to show your own art to the world.



Do you already know society6? It is a beautiful way to procrastinate big time and spend hours searching for AND finding cute things. And not only spending hours but the money too.
Most of the time they offer worldwide free shipping.
Just type a search word and enjoy, then the new word and so on.

Most of the images are available as shirts, mugs, rugs, mobile cases, wall clocks, duvet covers, shower curtians etc. And all this in a variety of colours. At the same time you support indepedent artists, designers and crafters and buy gifts a way better then prepacked shower gel or ugly supermarket socks.

Well, that is clear message.

I hate plastic bags and adore tote bags. One can never have too many of them!

And the era of ugly rugs is now over.

For kids