Sports Fashion

Mom of four, 45

Trekking/hiking pants. Love for this item discovered this summer during my numerous hiking trips.
Superlight, breatable, wind resistant, strechy, drying fast, all weather fashion.
Many trekking pants from technical brands are heavy and almost shell-like in feel. Search for pants that breathes extremely well, has a good amount of stretch, good fit that isn’t too baggy or too tight. Also adjustable in lengnh and water resistant. During 12 hours hiking you can experience anything from sun, rain, storm or snow.
You can use pants like this for hiking and backpacking and it also makes a good option for travel. Weights zero and feels like air.

Really wrong item to save on is functional outdoor clothing. Good jacket, good pants. And good hiking shoes. This things cost. And are worth of every penny. I would rather buy cheap summer dress or cheap sandals, but hiking shoes need to be of the highest quality to keep you safe and comfy whole day Llng in all weather conditions.