Once upon a time, there was the Babylon Light, a groundbreaking pendant/plant system by Ryan Taylor of the Toronto studio Object/Interface. Now, a few years later, Taylor has fine-tuned the concept with the Well Light, a more flexible design that wraps a removable 13-centimetre-high planter around a fixture inspired by well glass (the marine-grade curved lights you’d see on a boat). “I’ve always loved its iconic industrial/nautical look,” Taylor says. “But I wanted to make something that was more refined.” Crafted in aluminum, it’s available in white, black or a combination of the two.

Magazine Vase by Royal VKB

Norman Copenhagen

Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen heart

Lyngby Porcelæn Vase heart

Lisa Congdon

Bonbonniere Lyngby Porcelæn heart


Chop Organizer by Royal VKB, 10,00 eur
Your kitchen is about more than simply preparing food. Dedicated to innovative kitchenwares, Royal VKB’s original storage solutions and cutting-edge cookwares ensure this special room gets the attention it deserves. Consisting of a bin and a lid, the Chop Organizer keeps your workspace clean by helping you scoop up chopped ingredients or scraps. The kitchen is your home’s symbolic hearth—fill it with things you will use for years to come.

Servin Wine Dispenser by Royal VKB
Perfect for serving guests, the Servin Wine Dispenser uses a frozen weight to keep bagged wine or cocktail mixes cool and under pressure for easy pouring. heart

Bed Cover by Mette Ditme
The three pillars of Scandinavian design are exactly the way you want to see your home: simple, honest, and clean.  Mette Ditmer with her love of straight lines plays out across the Butterfly Bed Cover. Combining delicately nuanced tones with modern patterns, the soft bedding design is a timelessly chic addition to contemporary interiors.

Simple Playful Candle Holders by kaschkasch
Minimalist candle holders that can be used separately or together to form a larger candelabra.

Be-Bop Travel Tea Set by P & T
There’s a lot to discover in the world of brewing—the production, preparation, and effects of different blends is a science in and of itself—and Berlin-based label P & T knows that to explore a cuppa in all its delicacy on the go, you’re going to need suitable supplies. The Be-Bop Travel Tea Set’s snug lid doubles as a tea cup while its pot features a built-in strainer. Just the thing to elevate tea time to a ritual, wherever you are.

Cocktailglas by Jørn Utzonheart

Asplund sideboard

Dot Quilt by Hay



Secreto Armchair by Colé heart
When you think about Italian style, it can go one of two ways: overcrowded interiors and ornamental furniture ranging from Rococo to Art Nouveau, or the clean-lined direction of Art Deco. The Secreto Armchair by the Milan-based design duo Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz for Colé is inspired by the latter. The beech wood frame reinterprets the movement’s gloriously kitsch-free forms for the modern home, giving you all the comfort you need to explore another Italian role model, this time taking the form of Bacchian indulgence in wine, cheese, and grapes.


Royal VKB Cup & Store

XD Design


MATTER LAMP on Behance – I have to think of Batman now

Coloured LED Speaker Bulb by MiPow
Moving forward means moving differently. Hong Kong-based label MiPow is a master of mobile innovation, packaging groundbreaking ideas for tech and sound into sleek designs. A lightbulb-and-speaker-in-one, the Playbulb combines the vibrancy of coloured LED lighting with the connective ease of Bluetooth speakers. Easily controlled via the downloadable app, the bulb and its 16 million colour options can be set to flashing, pulsing, or rainbow modes to suit your tunes, and even programmed to put you to sleep or give you a multi-sensory morning wake-up call—redefine how you interact with your space with every flip of the switch.

Posters by Tobe Fonseca
Nature’s beauty is manifold, revealing unique and curious forms when you look closely. Taking inspiration from this rich diversity, Brazilian artist Tobe Fonseca interprets his love for flora and fauna on paper. Miraculous worlds arise, ones where cats heart and pandas play the starring roles. Whether it’s a Joy Division cover reimagined, an animal-based Rorschach test or some bear yoga, Fonseca’s posters are an entertaining take on life in the natural and not-so-natural worlds.

Freya Bluetooth Speaker by Clint
A legendary listening experience, the Asgard series by Danish audio experts Clint will bring the power of incredible sound into your home. Named after Odin’s queen in the mythical realm of the gods, the Freya speaker is a portable wireless powerhouse: running through a Bluetooth connection, this speaker is fully compatible with most iOS and Android streaming and audio apps, and has an LED indicator strip for playback volume. Outfitted with seven-watt full-tone mono speakers, Freya comes fully outfitted with an EU, UK and US multiplug for international charging, can be controlled from an easy-to-use downloadable app, and connects with up to four other speakers from the Asgard series in party mode. Audio perfection, fit for the gods.

3000 W Electric Scooter by unu
Get out and make every day your own. Transforming your path through the city to a clean, eco-friendly, and nearly silent journey, German label unu is dedicated to producing electric scooters that match innovative features with timelessly stylish aesthetics. The label’s collection of easy-to-maintain urban vehicles are fitted with a portable battery that is easily recharged at any domestic power outlet in a matter of hours and when fully charged promises 50-60 kilometres of driving pleasure—not to mention its Formula 1 kinetic energy recovery system, which transfers energy back to the battery with every braking movement.




Eva Solo lunch box

Water Bottle by Eva Solo Collection – Dot & Bo heart

Stacked is a modular shelving system designed by JDS Architects for Muuto.

Iittala – Lempi heart
The universal drinking glass that’s made for any occasion, informal or spectacular. It’s stackable, making it the ultimate space-saver. A soft shape, combined with a clarity in form, gives Lempi glass a straightforward look and feel. It feels natural on your breakfast table, on your desk at the office or even as an alternative to your usual wine glass at a party.
Designers: Matti Klenell




Vacavaliente’s Leather Cat Desk Caddy
What if you love cats, helping out the environment, and being organized? Where are your cat products? Here’s one: Vacavaliente makes its desk caddy numerous animal shapes, and one of them is a cat. Available in black or blue, the kitty desk caddy is a feline-tastic way to organize your desktop — which, considering how cats love to knock things off any elevated surface, may be a hopeless crusade … but at least your items will look nice for the time they’re there. The caddies are constructed from leather scraps that would otherwise be cast away in some poisonous landfill. So maybe attempts to organize a cat household are in vain, but helping the environment certainly isn’t.
Their use isn’t limited to your desk. According to Vacavaliente, their design aims to encourage participation with its users, who ultimately decide how the piece will function. In addition to pens, pencils, and scissors, these gatos can also hold tiny test tubes, cotton swabs, paintbrushes, Pixy Stix, birthday candles, or miniature magic wands.

Funnel Friends, design: Roger Arquer Industrial Design for Royal VKB

Dyson dc45

Shot Flask is world’s first drinking flask with a collapsible shot glass built-in



Design on budget
Leitmotiv versus Hay

Appointment Clock, Kiwi and Pom.

Breeze by Swedese, Monica Förster heart

Swedese Continental Easy chair


Happy easy chair by Swedese, design Roger Persson

NORMA by Roger Persson

Drum table by Swedese, design Corinna Warm heart

Block side table by Normann Copenhagen
Block is a mobile side table on wheels that has a light and airy expression. It is a versatile piece of furniture with many different functions in the home. Block can be easily moved around using its handles, which are natural extensions of the legs. Use Block as a side table, tea table, coffee table or bedside table.  Living in style requires a certain dedication. Normann Copenhagen facilitates living aesthetically and surrounding yourself with beautiful yet functional products you soon won’t be able to do without. The versatile Block Cart isn’t just perfect for transporting prepared dishes from A to B, but can also be used as a side table, whether next to the sofa or the bed.


Swedese Just Sofa heart

ELAS candle holder by Royal VKB

Nabo Tray Set by Normann Copenhagen
Setting up your apartment and really creating a space that feels like home is a lot more work than just wildly tossing together a mix of eclectic furniture, accessories, books and appliances. The three-part Nabo Tray set is polished on the inside and kept matte on the outside. While the largest tray features openings on the end for easy cleaning, the middle tray is perfect for showcasing spices and the smallest for serving drinks.



Tea Egg by Normann Copenhagen

Pole chair by Paul Nederend for Odesi

The Minimalist Store x Cherry pendant heart