Enudden IKEA

A convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, and warming drawer all in one. June is a multi-talented space saver

It has a built-in camera that can also send your device a live stream video, so you can keep an eye on it, and share photos on social media. Plus it will message you when it is done cooking.


Now you can use your phone to see video and talk to people at your front door.

There’s a company in California that have designed Ring, a doorbell that lets you see and talk to people at your home’s front door, using your mobile phone.

The doorbell has a video camera and a microphone, allowing you to appear like you’re home, even when you aren’t.

So in the case of a burglar checking out your home, and they ring the bell to see if you’re there, by answering, it appears as though you are home, but just not answering the door, which is a major deterrent to someone breaking in.

It works when someone presses the doorbell, and it automatically calls your phone. You then have the choice to answer it or ignore it.

The doorbell has a video camera and a microphone, allowing you to appear like you’re home, even when you aren’t…

Oliver Furniture


Bike planter

Modular Cat House



Pawel Grobelny is a polish creative who has developed a table called ‘in-quarto’  heartfor biennale interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Max 365 Perpetual Calendar heart by Nava Design, Massimo Vignelli

Multi Basket from Menu

Sokeri Cover. Designed by Hanna Konola



Princeton Freshman Sconce

House Doctor

Timesphere Moma

Vincent van Duysen Pottery

Philips Ecomoods

Trisa My raclette


Simple, Honest Furniture by OMELETTE-ED
Hang Mirror by OMELETTE-ED
A timeless pairing of hard and soft, polished metallic shine and matte organic materials, OMELETTE-ED’s Hang Mirror in tubular lacquered steel and natural cork reflects the Valencian design house’s commitment to the manufacture of objects that respond to real, everyday situations. Designed to hang on a vertical surface, as its moniker suggests, this mirror does its job in a simple, minimalistic fashion. Handmade in Spain, the Hang blends effortlessly into almost any room—the perfect reflective accompaniment to modern interiors.

Circular Mirror by OMELETTE-ED

Vertical Mirror by OMELETTE-ED heart


Bison Table by OMELETTE-ED

Reeno Suspension Lamp by OMELETTE-ED heart

Indie Sofabed by KARUP, cat proof furniture!
Flexibility and problem-solving are important skills to master in our professional and private lives. Danish label Karup has made the agile approach to daily life and interior design its goal, producing high-quality futon furniture which converts from day to night in an instant. The Indie Sofa in solid pine wood is the perfect example of Karup’s approach to creative interiors: during the day the spacious couch beckons, while the cushy back easily folds down into a comfortable single bed when needed. Intelligent, space-saving design, perfectly adapted for everyday living.

Touchscreen Gloves by MUJJO
Remindes me on super bad MUJI Gloves for smart phone. Yes they are cute. But looked after one season like they are 10 years old.
Often the simplest designs require the most preparation and insight. Since 2012, Dutch label MUJJO has been creating tech accessories that eliminate details functions with their straightforward thinking. In keeping with the label’s philosophy, the Touchscreen Gloves have silver-coated nylon fibres knitted into the fabric, giving them a sleek aesthetic and excellent functionality. The optimum balance of cosy finger insulation, maximum conductivity, and soft stretchiness, the gloves allow unlimited smartphone use as the temperatures dip below zero. Simple, but highly effective.

MUJI, cute but bad buy

Shelf Light by Pension für Produkte, 28 eur heart
Living is all about surrounding yourself with what you love. It’s also about knowing where to find it. Making sure that your storage solutions are just as loveable as the things they’re designed to hold, Hamburg-based label Pension für Produkte works with industrial designers and architects to create unusual homewares that make the mundane a distant memory. With a trim wire design that fits most adjustable shelving systems, the Bright Swede Shelf Light was designed by Philipp Wiechern to make sure illumination on your shelves is just the flick of a tumbler switch away. Suitable for globe light bulbs and finished off with a textile cable, there’s never been a more stylish way to light up your favourite things.