Secreto Little Armchair von Colé heart

Demi Lamp  heart is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Mattias Stenberg. Design House Stockholm

Quasar Holland
Night Fever. Designer: Daniel Becker, 2015

Ferm living tiger

mipow roto

AEG Mono 9,90 eur

Thermal bottle-Raw House-doctor


Royal VKB Cup & Store

XD Design


MATTER LAMP on Behance – I have to think of Batman now

Coloured LED Speaker Bulb by MiPow
Moving forward means moving differently. Hong Kong-based label MiPow is a master of mobile innovation, packaging groundbreaking ideas for tech and sound into sleek designs. A lightbulb-and-speaker-in-one, the Playbulb combines the vibrancy of coloured LED lighting with the connective ease of Bluetooth speakers. Easily controlled via the downloadable app, the bulb and its 16 million colour options can be set to flashing, pulsing, or rainbow modes to suit your tunes, and even programmed to put you to sleep or give you a multi-sensory morning wake-up call—redefine how you interact with your space with every flip of the switch.

Posters by Tobe Fonseca
Nature’s beauty is manifold, revealing unique and curious forms when you look closely. Taking inspiration from this rich diversity, Brazilian artist Tobe Fonseca interprets his love for flora and fauna on paper. Miraculous worlds arise, ones where cats heart and pandas play the starring roles. Whether it’s a Joy Division cover reimagined, an animal-based Rorschach test or some bear yoga, Fonseca’s posters are an entertaining take on life in the natural and not-so-natural worlds.

Freya Bluetooth Speaker by Clint
A legendary listening experience, the Asgard series by Danish audio experts Clint will bring the power of incredible sound into your home. Named after Odin’s queen in the mythical realm of the gods, the Freya speaker is a portable wireless powerhouse: running through a Bluetooth connection, this speaker is fully compatible with most iOS and Android streaming and audio apps, and has an LED indicator strip for playback volume. Outfitted with seven-watt full-tone mono speakers, Freya comes fully outfitted with an EU, UK and US multiplug for international charging, can be controlled from an easy-to-use downloadable app, and connects with up to four other speakers from the Asgard series in party mode. Audio perfection, fit for the gods.

3000 W Electric Scooter by unu
Get out and make every day your own. Transforming your path through the city to a clean, eco-friendly, and nearly silent journey, German label unu is dedicated to producing electric scooters that match innovative features with timelessly stylish aesthetics. The label’s collection of easy-to-maintain urban vehicles are fitted with a portable battery that is easily recharged at any domestic power outlet in a matter of hours and when fully charged promises 50-60 kilometres of driving pleasure—not to mention its Formula 1 kinetic energy recovery system, which transfers energy back to the battery with every braking movement.




01 Lamp by Vejtsberg
The objects you bring home should, of course, fulfil a function—but furnishing a home is more than just a means to an end. Since 2010, small German label Vejtsberg has designed homewares that resonate with a certain spirit, using clean lines and a contemporary language to carry cheer and calm into the home. With characteristic clarity, the 01 Lamp’s glass construction is heightened by the addition of a colourful cord, a small detail that brings the piece to life. Imbue your home with a sense of place, without forgetting function along the way.

Award-Winning Bluetooth Headphones by MiPow heart
Innovation means doing things differently. Founded in 2010, MiPow has taken that philosophy to the heart of mobile technology, acquiring 48 patents and more than a few awards along the way. The Hong Kong-based label has an instinctual understanding for forward-thinking presentation, packaging every groundbreaking idea for tech and sound into sleek designs with covetable looks. Its Bluetooth Headphones push wireless functionality to the next level. Combining distinctive aesthetics with connective ease and rich sound, the portable media has brought MiPow numerous accolades, the latest of which was an iF Design Award in 2014.

  Clork Clock by Puik Art
Dutch design is sparing with its lines, but innovative and sharp with its wit. Working with young Netherlands-based designers to create and market new pieces, Puik Art brings out the best in the field. The Clork Clock by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a solid cork and metal form filled with vital good looks and a sense of humour—so much so that you’ll want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Extension Lead by Puik Art
The FlowerPower Extension Lead by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a home essential based on a quintessentially Dutch form: the tulip. A handy 4-metre-long cable made with vital good looks and a sense of humour, the FlowerPower will make you want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Tulight Pendant Lamp by Puik Art


Muuto Visu Chair

A Visu Bar Stool heart is introduced to the Visu chair series designed by Finnish Mika Tolvanen for Muuto. The Visu Bar Stool comes in two heights and three different colors; grey, black and oak, and consists of a lacquered wood shell and base, and a durable steel footrest. The bar stool follows the Visu chair’s Nordic expression with its discrete nature, and is functionally and ergonomically correct in its composition.

Also from Muuto heart

Black Arenzano chair by Woodnotes. Design by Ilkka Suppanen and Raffaella Mangiarotti

Revol Revolution satin black ceramic round cocotte

Mipow USB hub TOPP

iPhone 4/4S Mipow Maca Air 2200mAh Case. A battery case is a must for every iphone owner. Charge your iphone on the go, and take advantage of an extended battery life.

MIPOW BTX500 | Bluetooth headphone

Alvar Aalto 1936. Artek – WALL SHELF 112B