My IKEA favourite

My all time favourite    and for me one of the five best products IKEA ever made!
Such a pitty that there is not an outdoor version, last rainy summer and the upper plate was cracked.
But I have another two as my home office and as dining table.




Pluggis – not new, but my all time favourite heart
PLUGGIS storage series brings a contemporary feel to ages-old organization needs. Made of recycled PET plastic, you can put them inside drawers, hang them on the wall or stand them on a countertop or desk to to help you sort out everything from make up to magazines.


Janinge Ikea
Designer: Form Us With Love
Manufacturer: Ikea
Year: 2015
Price: £40-£100

And even more affordable – Melltorp


Hämta heart

IKEA Design 2014/2015

O.k. this posting decided to take things in its own hand and published before time. Update bellow.

IKEA TORKIS Clothes pin bag & 30 clothes pins

ALGOT Wall upright, mirror & basket

ALGOT, another version

Well this certainly reminds you of String?

FÖRHÖJA Box, set of 4

TUPPLUR again available. Black out blinds. Now cordless. I liked the former version more.
If you don’t love their plain look- almost impossible, but le’ts pretend it could be the case – stick some fabric pattern to the room side.

MELLTORP now a s a chair. For 20 euro.

I LOVE Melltorp.


It is one of the best products from IKEA. The big one is my desk, the small one serves as a small breakfast table in a kitchen – goes perfect with Eames chair! And another small one is for a wet and cold season as a cat furniture – yes I am that crazy – on the balcony. My expensive wood outdoor furniture is already waiting for a spring in our roof storage.
Talking about spring, we do have kind of a re-spring here, my balcony plants bloom again!

MELLTORP table and NORVALD chairs – why are they no longer available?!?! –  belong to my top five IKEA products ever.



It also looks great as an IKEA hack with concrete table top!