Chop Organizer by Royal VKB, 10,00 eur
Your kitchen is about more than simply preparing food. Dedicated to innovative kitchenwares, Royal VKB’s original storage solutions and cutting-edge cookwares ensure this special room gets the attention it deserves. Consisting of a bin and a lid, the Chop Organizer keeps your workspace clean by helping you scoop up chopped ingredients or scraps. The kitchen is your home’s symbolic hearth—fill it with things you will use for years to come.

Servin Wine Dispenser by Royal VKB
Perfect for serving guests, the Servin Wine Dispenser uses a frozen weight to keep bagged wine or cocktail mixes cool and under pressure for easy pouring. heart

Bed Cover by Mette Ditme
The three pillars of Scandinavian design are exactly the way you want to see your home: simple, honest, and clean.  Mette Ditmer with her love of straight lines plays out across the Butterfly Bed Cover. Combining delicately nuanced tones with modern patterns, the soft bedding design is a timelessly chic addition to contemporary interiors.

Simple Playful Candle Holders by kaschkasch
Minimalist candle holders that can be used separately or together to form a larger candelabra.

Be-Bop Travel Tea Set by P & T
There’s a lot to discover in the world of brewing—the production, preparation, and effects of different blends is a science in and of itself—and Berlin-based label P & T knows that to explore a cuppa in all its delicacy on the go, you’re going to need suitable supplies. The Be-Bop Travel Tea Set’s snug lid doubles as a tea cup while its pot features a built-in strainer. Just the thing to elevate tea time to a ritual, wherever you are.

Cocktailglas by Jørn Utzonheart

Asplund sideboard

Dot Quilt by Hay



Secreto Armchair by Colé heart
When you think about Italian style, it can go one of two ways: overcrowded interiors and ornamental furniture ranging from Rococo to Art Nouveau, or the clean-lined direction of Art Deco. The Secreto Armchair by the Milan-based design duo Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz for Colé is inspired by the latter. The beech wood frame reinterprets the movement’s gloriously kitsch-free forms for the modern home, giving you all the comfort you need to explore another Italian role model, this time taking the form of Bacchian indulgence in wine, cheese, and grapes.


Canvas Magnetar Bag by LIFT OFF
From great needs come great products, and managing your daily gear from the seat of your bike is a major issue. Created by Czech label LIFT OFF to get you and your goods stylishly from A to B, the Magnetar Bag fixes securely to bicycle frames with stainless steel hooks and magnetic fasteners. Easily transformed to be worn across the body, and in water-resistant, heavy-duty canvas, the Magnetar also works for heading into the office—an all rounder for those who love life on two wheels.

Cero 1Pendant Lamp by Bulb Attack heart
A combination of simple form and textile cables, the label’s pendant lamps are designed to show off the lightbulb’s original form in all its warm and inviting glory—whether its one, two, or even five lighting up above your head.

Finnish Tableware by Marimekko
Be yourself. You’ve heard it before, but it’s sage advice and a motto that has served Finnish label Marimekko well. Founded in 1951, the label has developed a singular identity through the bold colours and prints on its instantly recognisable fabrics, clothing, and home décor over the last six decades. In line with its straightforward individuality, the company highly values fairness, creating a trusting environment conducive to self expression, while its products are made with minimal environmental impact. Marimekko is rare joy: a company that doesn’t follow fashion fads but makes its own way in the world—with a thought for others

Siirtolapuutarha Tea Cup by Marimekko




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 Marimekko In Good Company. Siirtolapuutarha