Random pics iphone only

New old quartier

Our garden

Cushion SPF


Random pics – iphone only

Tiny tiny frying pan. My new beach body plan.

Balkan food is always a good idea.

When friends travel back home

Best toner ever. My 8th bottle.

Refill products if you are tired of droppers

I lost my umbrella again. Third re-buy. Same design.

I probably need a monthy subscription.


My favorite blender

Now this is an amazing product. A drop of it will make every too dark foundation better for your skin. Or if you have a summer product and want to use it up, but need now a lighter shade then in august. Brightener for your too dark foundations.

Sunscreen all year long

Maybelline super stay 24 h make up

Unisex, fresh and light

Big love since years







Copper peptides are a miracle for the skin