Royal Copenhagen – Black Fluted heart
The design has the same forms as Blue Fluted Plain with the original fluting from 1775. This is where the
resemblance ends. Black Plain has a raw, matt, ceramic surface. The inky black emphasises its rustic
expression, with cool elegance.
Designed in 2006.

Oscar|Lamp heart Design by Jean-François D’Or for Ligne Roset. Table & floor lamp, coated steel, dimmable.Produced and distributed by Ligne Roset

Dragonfly-Segis-Odo Fioravanti heart

Artecnica – Bright Side Light Clear heart

mini me plug lamp

Design-House-Stockholm-Black-Stepladder heart



Ligne Roset Citta heart

Severin, 27 eur

Artemide – Miconos Parete


Ligne Roset Ike

Bonbonne Pendant from Ligne Roset

ligne roset giro heart

Serpentine lamp, Ligne roset
Studio Hausen – J.Höltje heart




Warp side table by Oliver Schick for Ligne Roset heart

For all LCHF pasta meals – yes, I still eat 3-4 days a week carb free – Gefu Spirelli Spiral Cutter – Gefu heart

Zucchini noodles with roasted tomatoes and lemon garlic sauce

Similar product, but takes more space to storage

I also love this thingy from Gefu heart

At last but not least – perfect gift for a mom.  And you.   You get then perfect home made salsa supply for a half of a year.


Friteuse Philips AirFryer
With the Philips Airfryer, you can eat healthier without giving up the taste and texture of your favorite foods. Using its unique Rapid Air Technology, the Airfryer fries, bakes, roasts and grills with a tablespoon or less of oil making it a perfect solution for fast and healthy meals and snacks.

ligne roset: CIRCUS pendant light


A Notchless Dispenser That Cuts Tape With a Perfectly Straight Edge – well it does remind me of something!
There’s probably very few of us who’ve put much thought into what kind of tape we use to wrap a gift—after all, choosing the paper is hard enough. But there’s a small subset of the population who couldn’t possibly consider giving a gift that wasn’t flawlessly wrapped. And it’s those folks who will be ecstatic to discover this Notchless dispenser that cuts clear adhesive tape without leaving that telltale zig-zag pattern on the edges.
Designed by Mamoru Yasukuni, the Notchless dispenser is made from solid aluminum with a plastic spindle in the middle designed to hold your tape. The dispenser’s cutting edge features a set of shallow teeth that easily slice through tape while leaving a perfectly straight and clean finish on the edge. Your family and friends might scoff at paying $40 for such a minor detail when scissors can produce the same results, but that’s only because—despite the actual gift inside the shoddy wrapping—they clearly don’t love you.


Studio Simple for Serax

The Little Cloud Lamp is a functional piece of art. This limited edition lamp has 2 different white light intensities: cool white & warm white.

Chair Alpina heart



Trinitas from Ligne Roset

Nubo – design GamFratesi, Ligne Roset. Compact-wall-mount-work-desk

Pixo desk lamp
The Pixo Lamp incorporates a USB port in its base, which means more convenience when charging our mobile devices. Many times you’ve reached behind your sofa/bed/table/desk to pick up a charging cable, you know it’s been too many. There are other impressive things about this lamp (360 degree rotating head, three-axis articulating stem, uses just five watts thanks to low-energy LEDs, etc.) but all we’re going to appreciate right now is the USB port (Hat tip to designers Pablo and Fernando Pardo for this small yet significant detail)