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Tom Dixon Mirror ball heart

Bernard-Albin Gras Lampe Gras No 210 heart
Son of a draftsman and a homemaker, Bernard-Albin Gras was born in Saint-Raphaël, France, in 1886. He would become an engineer and tireless inventor who registered dozens of patents, including one for Lampe Gras (1921). A product of Gras’ passion to improve working conditions for hundreds of laborers in ordinary machine shops, research laboratories and design studios in the 1920s, this lighting solution is capable of meeting the needs of many different users.

Lee Broom Clear Crystal Bulb heart

Buster + Punch





La Lampe-Gras 205

legno vivo riva 1920

Design House Stockholm Lotus Hurricane Lanterns

The Peek Lamp by Jonas Wagell


Balconismo Michael Hilgers
Hangs without metal hooks securely to balcony railing

Steckling heart

Clipshelf is a wonderful desing by Michael Hilgers, your regular shelves or cabinets will become so much more interesting with it.

R2 chair. A chair created by the South Korean designers of the studio Bequa. heart

Hay sofa

Capsule by BequaheartAt first glance, this sink set includes three lovely, muted bathroom essentials. Wipe those bleary eyes and look again. Each one looks exactly like a pill capsule that could obliterate even the most monstrous hangov—sorry, sinus headache. Consider it a cure for the unkempt restroom. The Capsule Collection includes a Toilet Brush, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Tumbler and a Soap Dish.

Urbanature. Designer Jörg Brachmann. Vertical Greening


Eva Solo BRUSH and BOX, design Holbaek Jensen.
With Eva Solo’s practical grill basting brush and beaker, you always have somewhere to rest the basting brush when barbecuing.
Thanks to the neat fitting on the side of the brush, it can be easily placed on the rim of the beaker.
Here it rests with the handle conveniently pointing upwards.
It is easy to clean as both the hairs and the brush itself are made of silicone.
The beaker is made of durable plastic which contains no harmful substances (i.e. no bisphenol-A or phthalates). All parts are dishwasher-safe.

Another Eva Solo brush, Brushing up heart

360° Container: Konstantin Grcic & Magis

Stick Double Coffee Table by Valsecchi 1918
Long success stories, like Italian label Valsecchi 1918’s, often involve exciting developments and unexpected twists. Evidenced in its collection of timeless pieces with modern elements, the traditional label’s stylistic evolution has seen one thing left unchanged: material. Constructed from sustainably sourced solid wood, the Stick Collection by Luigi Baroli and Enrico Baleri is no exception. Comprising two beech wood frames with a laminate surface and striking rubber feet to protect your floor, the Stick Double Coffee Table forms an intuitive, aesthetic bridge between tradition and the future of design.


Skew Table Lamp by Intueri Light heart

Bullarum SS3 Lamp by Intueri Light
Intuition has forever been important in design, but even more so today in the era of dull mass production. Emphasising the personal qualities of objects, young Hungarian label Intueri Light designs lighting that not only fulfils practical needs but resonates emotionally. The Bullarum SS3 lamp is composed of three hand-blown glass globes on sleek brass drops. Simple in shape yet full of personality, the long and thin SS3 hangs as well in a chic living room as it does over a relaxed dining area—an elegant insight into illumination.

I love this walls scone, but don’t know where it comes from heart

Savage Works is the work of Scott Savage, a designer, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. With degrees in Graphic Design, Printmaking, and Architecture, Scott is influenced by his diverse training, international travel, and wide range of interests.
Plug table, Savage works

Aladdin from Paola Lenti, design Mårten Claesson, Koivisto Rune
Aladdin boasts a striking presence for its bold, chromed steel structure supporting the seat in a way that seems to defy physics. The design emphasizes the contrasting relationship between the cold, reflective base versus the warm, inviting surface of the non-pilling felted seat. For ultimate comfort, the lounge chair can be accompanied with a cushion.

Gras lamp from DCW heart
La Lampe Gras, designed by architect Bernard-Albin Gras, was initially designed as a series of lamps for use in office and industrial environments. It has grown to become an unbeatable range of fabulously flexible lamps.