Pepe Sofa by Bolia


Flai bed by Müller Möbelwerkstätten heart
This is a straightforward, minimalistic and functional bed with a floating appearance. The design is completed by 5 smart add-ons – a bedside table with a drawer and different kind of trays: useful for glasses, waterbottles, books, cellphones, pills… just everything you want to keep next to your bed. The add-ons are made of bended metalsheets.

Round About side table 2014
The geometrical shape of this side table creates a strong graphical image. The components are welded – but not visible to the observer. That generates a magical and floating impression. The shape of the side table enables to place it beside a sofa.

Fju desk | 2014
Is a wallmounted and foldable desk. When folded down it serves as a small workspace. Folded up Fju changes it‘s appearence and transforms into a spacesaving storage shelf. You just put your stuff (laptop, ipad and books) in the case/ shelf underneath the desktop – et voilà.

Scoop table | 2013
combines traditional handcraft with industrial process. Its simple construction provides the opportunity to play with dimension. The table-legs are inspired by the shape of wooden scoops.

Bubka coatrack | 2011
is a wardrobe which leans against the wall. It seems the pipes, which are made of aluminium, cross in one point. Through that joint the wardrobe can be dismantled. The minimalist design has a graphic presentation.

Lop magazine rack | 2015
Lop is inspired by a paper clip. It’s a magazine rack that is like magic – an almost invisible magazine holder. This product is made of white metal and is screwed directly to the wall. Expose Lop alone or in a group loaded with magazines or books.

Chimney vase bowl | 2014
This product connects decoration and aesthetics with function. Luna combines the qualities of a vase and a bowl. The top opens eccentric, since the centre of rotation is the vase. You can store your ‚Lieblingstücke‘ under the beauty of a flower.

Bulb coat hook | 2013
are handblown glass hooks. Different sizes and colours decorate the wall and help you organize.


Masters  chairs- Design: Philippe Starck for Kartell

Puremold by Better Mix Design Studio
These concrete lamps are designed by the South Korean label ‘Better Mix Design Studio’. They are 100% handmade using eco-friendly, certified toxic-free cement and fitted with an energy efficient LED module with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Eva Solo Grill

Profi cook coffee tea station

West Elm, Brendan Ravenhill Dustbin
A better bin. Los Angeles-based designer Brendan Ravenhill calls this the lovechild of a trash can and dust pan. The bin is made from a durable powder-coated iron that resists chips and scratches while the dust pan at top easily detaches when needed. Designed with natural coconut-skin bristles, the birch wood brush attaches to the side of the Dustbin with magnets.

Industrial pendant lamp heart is a lamp family inspired by the shape of old industrial lamps. They are made out of hand blown glass. The shades are carried by a wooden cone. The different types of lamp can be combined with each other. Producer DREIZEHNGRAD
Interior Innovation Award 2014

Cherry table lamp by Esaila
The cherry table lamp has a clean and simple look along with a metal cylinder base. The lamp features a hidden magnet allowing the wood cylinder to grab the metal base easily.

Keep wall lamp by Bolia
The idea of „keep“ is to combine a wall lamp with storage space. The shell-like shaped lamp offers the possibility to store little things like keys, glasses, etc. The light source is located behind the upper semicircle and scatters its light into the whole volume of the lamp – and its surroundings.

Cherry pendant lamp by Esaila heart
Cherry is a pendant lamp with a simple look. Due to the integrated magnet, the wood cylinder can be arranged very easily. The inspiration comes from a couple of cherries.

Konichiwa table lamp by free to edition is a geometrical table lamp with a straight forward and almost simple look. A solid steel shaft has been deformed through heating. The powercable goes through the kink and all the way down to the bottom.

Pina table lamp by free to edition is a dimmable lamp. The light just shines through a small ring. The combination of a light foot and a heavy lamp shade is both, elegant and eye catching.