Activité Watch by Withings hearthearthearta proof you don’t have to look like a nerd in order to enjoy smart watch!
The days of moving through life in analogue simplicity are long gone. Withings helps you take charge of your well-being with its forward-thinking products. Designed in Paris, yet entirely Swiss-made with a calf leather strap and an extra silicone one for sports, the Activité Watch not only exceeds its time-telling duties with automatic time and a silent vibration alarm, it also goes above and beyond to track your activities, sleep, weight, heart rate, and environment—providing all the information you need to understand your health through a smartphone app. An inconspicuous timepiece that keeps you informed, healthy, and of course on time.


Home Monitoring System by Withings
French label Withings helps you take charge of your health and safety—and that of your loved ones—with its forward-thinking products. With the Home Monitoring System, you can keep track of what’s happening while you’re out, checking air quality with its VOC sensor and viewing the space in real time with the HD camera kako ce sad svi preljubnici, oni koji se svalerisu ili samo zele malo mira? OKP hellou here we come. The device not only works day and night with a 135° wide-angle lens and night-vision, but lets you communicate with those at home through the an integrated microphone and speaker. A sleek and inconspicuous way to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

I could have some use of it while being away and taking care that the pets are safe, but there is a much better gadget for it which I will introduce soon.