Random pics – iphone only

Turkey holiday, part one here

Giant cake pieces

Feral kitten, searching for a loving home.

This really saved me.

Heaven for high quality cotton. And every other baby clothes.

A friend buying couple of kg of sweets

Much needed post holiday meal

Random pics – iphone only

Where I spent last two weeks

Leaving this

and coming here

Hotel bird

And in this paradise hundreds of feral kittens. Everywhere you look. Half of my days there I spent helping them, helping locals to bring ill animals to the vet and all together drama drama. I even took with me in a plane two older cats. Crazy cat lady. I spent all of my money on medicine and food.
This little baby cat won’t probaly survive until the end of the summer, feral dogs search for food…but following post will be solely on this topic.

Cat feeding point. At least as long as the summer season lasts 😉

Searching for refreshment in the hills. Dinner on water.