Random pics – iphone only

Window shopping heart


Favourite brand

Lunch break

Gift for a friend, coffee mug to go

And a matching bowl for her office snacks

Still in love with each other heart



Searching for a way to try new colour without spending your entire makeup budget for a month? Try some of 700 products from H&M. Or test some bold colour you will anyway wear only for a month or two.


H&M Design

I guess, this is the late summer I was craving for here

We have October and I was wearing yesterday evening my summer dress, sandals and bare legs. I was over the moon!

Looks familiar? Vitriini iittala familiar like?

17 eur heart




6, 99 eur heart


7,99 eur heart

3, 99 eur

Cotton carpet 90×130 cm, 24 eur

17 eur heart


5, 99 eur heart


1,99 eur Carpet 25 eur