Random pics – iphone only

First part here.http://wp.me/p4CRmh-1PQ

Malaga, escaping winter.

Cafe Bonbon my new all time favourite

COS Shopping

How to drink coffee here

City hall

Public toilets


Life saver while traveling

Visiting friends in Torremolinos


making friends


Random pics – iphone only

My second trip this year – Malaga in March. Escaping snow at home! I left at home 25 degrees less.

Where we were feeding cats with locals.

City farmers market

Random pics – iphone only

Porto, couple of weeks ago.

First part here: https://ombiaombia.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/random-pics-iphone-only-137/

Escaping winter

Back home, she is so happy to have me again. Sleeping non stop on me.

New order

These shoes are made for walking!

And a sneak peak of my second holiday. Yes, two trips in one month. Guess where. I decided to travel more this year. Two more trips to come.