Random pics -iphone only

my top 3

This September, missing nice weater a lot

Corona time – how visiting hairstylist in prime time looks like

Salty muffins for hiking

used up, only Double wear will be repurchased


Breakfast on repeat plum cooked with cinammon and greek yogurt

Ready for winter

dry winter skin – basic care

Random pics – iphone only

Thanks God it is Friday, no makeup, tired and hungry.

Last month

Fall breakfast, plum with cinnamon  and greek yogurt

One customer at the time, corona restrictions



Random pics – iphone only

daily distraction, i need new clothes after corona

my leg after bike fall

in my bag until fall

45 and tired, early morning

Last week


yes, we had 18 or even 22 degrees one day and another snow!

big love

same same every morning

Random pics – iphone only

3 weeks ago, as the world was still o.k.

fav mascara – lipid proof, the only reason why it does not transfer as any other does

fav cake lemon meringue pie

afternoon pick me up

sharing is caring

cheap and great