Ultra-Durable Headphones by Angle & Curve heart
If you were to make the perfect set of headphones, working with DJs and sound engineers might be a clever way of going about it. Angle & Curve, a young label based in London, did exactly that and teamed up with experts in all things sound related to produce quality headphones with a distinctive twist of retro charm. Produced in an environmentally sustainable manner with extensive quality control tests, these headphones are pure audio perfection.

Jewellery Box by TRONKS&Co
Our most beloved objects deserve to be protected—and in fitting style, naturally. So Spanish label TRONKS&Co crafts wooden caskets that are sure to become as cherished as their contents. The handmade Jewellery Box in solid maple wood with hollowed out sections is lined with leather, creating a soft home for delicate pieces, and has a circular mirror on the lid. A beautifully detailed container for small treasures.

Geometric Pendant Lamp by KAMIDESIGN
The Japanese art of origami has fascinated people for centuries—and Cologne label KAMIDESIGN are no exception, as the age-old craft influenced the intricate shapes of its handmade lighting and living accessories. In water-resistant and easy-to-clean cellulose, the Geometric Pendant Lamp is made for daily use, unlike its paper inspiration. Finished with a grey cable and a copper detail, this illumination sits beautifully at the point where tradition meets contemporary interiors.


Ring Air Purifier by clair
In summer, indoors can be muggy and stuffy, while winter turns the room musty and dry—finding the right atmosphere for your home is a balancing act. Designed by Korean label clair, the silent Ring Air Purifier uses captivatingly minimalistic design to create clean, breathable indoor air. Using a patented e2f filter engineered by the label and a three-level fan, the Ring pulls in and cleans air before pushing it back into the room, an intensive system that removes up to 99.97% of dust, mould, viruses, and allergens from the air. A decidedly contemporary form, for a healthy home environment—so you can take a deep breath and relax.

Belkin over ear headphones Pure heart

Grunding speakers

Divano time di Pianca

Tufty-Time B&B Italia


01 Lamp by Vejtsberg
The objects you bring home should, of course, fulfil a function—but furnishing a home is more than just a means to an end. Since 2010, small German label Vejtsberg has designed homewares that resonate with a certain spirit, using clean lines and a contemporary language to carry cheer and calm into the home. With characteristic clarity, the 01 Lamp’s glass construction is heightened by the addition of a colourful cord, a small detail that brings the piece to life. Imbue your home with a sense of place, without forgetting function along the way.

Award-Winning Bluetooth Headphones by MiPow heart
Innovation means doing things differently. Founded in 2010, MiPow has taken that philosophy to the heart of mobile technology, acquiring 48 patents and more than a few awards along the way. The Hong Kong-based label has an instinctual understanding for forward-thinking presentation, packaging every groundbreaking idea for tech and sound into sleek designs with covetable looks. Its Bluetooth Headphones push wireless functionality to the next level. Combining distinctive aesthetics with connective ease and rich sound, the portable media has brought MiPow numerous accolades, the latest of which was an iF Design Award in 2014.

  Clork Clock by Puik Art
Dutch design is sparing with its lines, but innovative and sharp with its wit. Working with young Netherlands-based designers to create and market new pieces, Puik Art brings out the best in the field. The Clork Clock by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a solid cork and metal form filled with vital good looks and a sense of humour—so much so that you’ll want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Extension Lead by Puik Art
The FlowerPower Extension Lead by up-and-coming Amsterdam label ILIAS ERNST is a home essential based on a quintessentially Dutch form: the tulip. A handy 4-metre-long cable made with vital good looks and a sense of humour, the FlowerPower will make you want your home to go a bit more Dutch.

Tulight Pendant Lamp by Puik Art


Heirloom Vase by Moustache

Zinken Headphones by Urbanears
Science meets artistry: connecting high-performance tech with sharp style and practicality, Urbanears’ headphones are uncomplicated, contemporary pieces. Practical to the highest degree, the Zinken DJ headphones isolate the outside world, allowing listeners to focus on the deep bass and precise highs. Sociable, too, the headphones have a ZoundPlug to enable a friend to plug their headphones to yours, a built-in microphone and controls, and a flexible, adjustable headband. An accessory available in a rainbow of rich shades to match any outfit, the Zinken is an indispensable everyday companion.

The new trend in headphones is moving from small, compact earbuds to big DJ-quality headphones that envelop the ears and provide state of the art audio quality. But the top of the headphone line generally costs pretty big bucks. For instance, a really upscale pair of headphones can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But the new Zinken headphones from Urbanears have all of the top-flight features of an upscale pair, but with the relatively low-ticket price of $140 at their website. Those features include a detachable cable, built in microphone, and a remote control, all in addition to the style that one expects from a good pair of headphones.

Zinken is an on-ear DJ headphone extraordinaire, packed with features like the dual-duty TurnCable and the ZoundPlug. We’ve designed Zinken to be ultra comfortable, even for hours on end. That means you can keep that deep bass, as well as those crisp mids and hig

Styline – product family for Bosch und Siemens. Stefan Koitzsch and Alex Erdwiens.
Alle three devices – electric kettle, toaster and coffee maker – are designed to be the “breakfast set”. The Design features the combination of simplicity and refinement. The contrast of soft and hard edges, circumflowing parting lines and a worthy material mix creates an ageless and elegant character for the mid- to highprice marke

Lightyears Volume lamp

Prototype. Design Collaboration: Jantze Brogård Asshoff

Cattelan, Artic Design

Bella dots coffee maker

Normann Copenhagen Light house

Timer Clock by MONDO
Unless you secretly have superpowers, at some point or another you’re going to need help to get the job done. Taking the edge off being a mere mortal, Japanese label MONDO creates some of the friendliest task-aiding tools to land on Earth. The label’s timer clock will leap from clock and alarm functions to timer without breaking a sweat and will scale your refrigerator or other metal surfaces with its trusty magnet back. Available in a bright array of colours sure to put a smile on your face, MONDO is there to save the day.

Eva Solo


Artisanal Bathroom Accessories by Iris Hantverk The loo: not a place often thought of as having creative potential. Heritage label Iris Hantverk has turned that concept on its head with its stylishly sleek bathroom accessories and gentle hand soaps. Miles away from the cheap plastic that litters most bathrooms, the label’s creations use all-natural bristles and hardwoods in conjunction with concrete to add a contemporary touch to traditional objects. Produced by Iris Hantverk’s team of visually impaired artisans in Sweden and Estonia, the wide range of brushes and sets for personal hygiene and housework combine modern style and a hint of nostalgia to turn any activity into a beloved ritual.

Atlantis Yacht Cushion by bermuda Soft, welcoming, and bold—cushions are one home accessory it’s possible to have fun with while staying on the right side of stylish. Designer Meike Legler trained as a fashion designer and worked in New York and Berlin before her attention turned to textiles for the home. Formed in early 2014, Legler’s label bermuda creates vibrant cushions, hand-sewn in Berlin from Italian cotton, itself made of recycled yarns. Backed by a coconut-wood button and combining a veritable rainbow of playful but demure shades, bermuda’s cushions are a convivial accent for any chic space.

Walnut Wood Headphones by Grain Audio Grain’s Over-Ear Headphones: a pared-down mix of solid walnut and space-age plastics, the OEHP’s slick aesthetics, designed for hours of comfortable wear, are bettered by crystal clear sound that makes use of its casing. Simple and beautiful, with sound quality that goes above and beyond—it’s a formula that has delighted Wired and The New York Times, and garnered the label a 2014 Red Dot Design Award.

Bistro Knife Block by Bodum

Rex Kralj Rocking chair

Poketo Mori Mini Cups by Masahiro Mori Designed by Japan’s most celebrated 20th-century ceramic designer, Masahiro Mori, these black and white porcelain cups offer a punch of pattern. Feeling stripey? Choose between horizontal and vertical stripes.


Scotch Club 17 by Marset heart