Giannini Set Pappa Panda

Italian design clear acrylic pendant lamp Classic by Tomasucci

Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen introduced his now-iconic oak lidded ceramic bowls heart

iPhone Polaroid Printer

Fuji’s new device will let you create prints of photos from your phone

Photography company Fujifilm is releasing a wireless smart phone printer called the Instax Share SP-2 that will bring Polaroids fully digital. You can send photos over Wi-Fi directly from your smartphone, or link to your Instagram or Facebook accounts. The tiny wireless printer will apply a Polaroid-like border around the photo, and you’ll be able to type a message to add on the bottom using the Instax Share app (which also includes a photo editor with Instagram-esque filters).

The small printer (it weighs just one pound) will use laser printing to print photos in less than 10 seconds, and cost $200, while the blank film will cost $20 for 20 prints.

Your nect camping trip needs this

Handpresso, portable espresso machines. Enjoy a high quality espresso anywhere thanks to Handpresso in-car and travel espresso makers.


NuLunch by Erkin Askin

Edyn Garden Sensor – by fuseproject / Core77 Design Awards
The Edyn Garden Sensor is a first-of-its-kind gardening tool that can effectively communicate in real-time the factors effecting the user’s garden, and provide information and tips in order to grow thriving plants. The sensor goes directly into the soil of the garden, and can read factors such as soil moisture and nutrition, air humidity, sunlight exposure, temperature, among other influences that affect the health of plants. The information gets sent directly to a corresponding app, providing users the information they need in order to best care for their garden. Additionally, Edyn comes with information on over 5,000 plants, and can provide tips as to which plants or plant pairings will grow best in the user’s garden. The Edyn Garden Sensor is for novice gardeners and professional small-scale farmers alike, deepening the relationship between people and their plants.
Project Team: Yves Béhar, Liam Adelman, Michelle Dawson, Noah Polsky, Christina Park

Bamboo Tube Products by Samy Rio

Handpresso Outdoor set hybrid

Asplund heart