How not to age. I hope that I won’t look even in 15 years like this. I am older then she.

ELAN is my favourite vitamin c product, I tried at least 20 producuts, my first was the one from skinceuticals.


The least famous scent from Le Jardin line. I love other parfums from that collection, Monsieur Li is subtle scent, remindes of granny’s garden in a summer, camomile, kumquat, refreshing, soft sream. Clean and innocent.

How to look asap younger?

My advice – invest in a professional make up artist and learn how to apply your makeup. This will bring you more then buying another expensive make up product apllied wrong.

Woody, powdery, floral. Fall scent. New version of it is kinda boring. Old vintage one was much more “there”. It was floral balanced with sexy musk. Learn the difference between original parfume, eau de parfume and eau de toilette. Original version is in a dab on bottle.

Light bb cream with some glow

What our skin feels during our Sleep and why we might age during it.

If you have a glas plate or a peace of glas, put your head on it and let somebody takes a photo. Real aha moment.

Best protection would be to sleep on your back, but if you are like me – i can not fall asleep in that position.

Imagine that every night for hours you are wrinkling your skin. As we are getting older our skin is less and less able to retain elasticity and return in a original condition.


NuLunch by Erkin Askin

Edyn Garden Sensor – by fuseproject / Core77 Design Awards
The Edyn Garden Sensor is a first-of-its-kind gardening tool that can effectively communicate in real-time the factors effecting the user’s garden, and provide information and tips in order to grow thriving plants. The sensor goes directly into the soil of the garden, and can read factors such as soil moisture and nutrition, air humidity, sunlight exposure, temperature, among other influences that affect the health of plants. The information gets sent directly to a corresponding app, providing users the information they need in order to best care for their garden. Additionally, Edyn comes with information on over 5,000 plants, and can provide tips as to which plants or plant pairings will grow best in the user’s garden. The Edyn Garden Sensor is for novice gardeners and professional small-scale farmers alike, deepening the relationship between people and their plants.
Project Team: Yves Béhar, Liam Adelman, Michelle Dawson, Noah Polsky, Christina Park

Bamboo Tube Products by Samy Rio

Handpresso Outdoor set hybrid

Asplund heart