I spent last days and nights at IKEA buying new kitchen, walk in and new bedroom. I like almost everything they offer at the moment. Friday morning is a perfect taming for relaxed walk around.




Good old Hektar

Looks familiar? Another good designer copy.
IKEA PS 2017


My bath solution VITEMÖLLA


Contemporary furniture


heart 135,00 eur

heart 959,00 eur

heart for 749,00 eur


1700,00 eur

799,00 eur

1099, 00 eur


KUSKOA by Jean-Louis Iratzoki Alki

Skin Thermo


Skipper Lamp heart by toshi, for the mirror or book holder or shelf or wall. 75 eur.

Strokes of genius aren’t always bold, and the sneakily simple lighting by Berlin design label toshi is about as easy as it comes. Slide onto the bookshelf and they’ll fit right in: with an incredibly thin metal support, the Skipper lamp is designed to be held firm by the weight of your literary masterpieces. Add a mirrored light bulb to the mix, and the lamp will repay the favour by casting light on their fine titles—or use a regular bulb to spread light through the room. Reversible, the light can be aimed up or down, and all it takes is a screw to hang the lamp on any wall or surface.




Amazing, affordable and durable design.

Simple, sturday and timeless. I’ m in love. heart heart heart

Madly in love.