Tull lamp, Tommaso Caldera

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Design House Stockholm Work Lamp
A construction lamp from the garage and the workshop, always handy and within reach in a dirty and greasy environment. Hanging from the ceiling, standing on the floor, lying on a table. Doesn’t it work fine just as it is? Almost. To bring it inside, to turn an everyday object into something special, some refinement was required. But just a little. The flimsy steel wire needed some toughness, solidity and more refined angles. And why not change the colour from strong black to gold? Or chrome-plating? “One lamp to rule them all,” joke Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren, and Petrus Palmér who together constitute the acclaimed young design trio Form Us With Love. “We wanted to use as little material as possible, while still protecting the naked bulb. However, the traditional construction lamp was already there: it’s an everyday do-it-all object. We just had to refine it!” While preserving its blue-collar roots, the Work Lamp will of course stand out in its new surroundings, and its rebellious attitude can naturally be mitigated with the dimmer. The Work lamp can also be plugged into the wall socket.


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Roll up paper bin. Design: Michel Charlot 2014

Cage Lamp


Loop Light by Pani Jurek
Designed by young Polish designer-cum-artist Magda Jurek for Warsaw-based design studio Pani Jurek, this stunning Loop Light pairs an extra-long, thick rope cord with a cool, glazed ceramic socket and pleasingly rotund bulb. As much of an installation piece as a highly functional luminary, the lamp can be hung, stretched and coiled to create endlessly varied effects.


Long scrolls of rope let the light move all over the apartment.
Decorative loops can be hung under the ceiling or as a sconce lamp on the wall. You can also move with the light to the another room.

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Portola Collection Desk Organizer by Design Ideas

Bongo side table by Fab. 80 eur.
The Bongo Side Table can’t be beat. OK, technically you could tap out a staccato on its surface (gently please), but it adds far more to the rhythm of your room as a diminutive do-it-all display table. This curved wire piece from Fab’s furniture collection features a removable top that can be used as a serving tray for drinks or poolside snacks. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s a versatile spot to stash your summertime (or anytime) essentials.

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My fire extinguisher is red and not really nice, but at least I have one. Many people have none at home even if they have children or pets living there!

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