Flos flos ic t2 table lamp

The design team at IKEA Taiwan have come up with a clever way of getting people to communicate at meal time, rather than looking at their phones. Here’s how the design concept works…
People are normally so attached to their phones, whether it’s messaging or taking photos, that they don’t interact with their surroundings, especially with other people at the dinner table.
In the center of the dining table is a hot plate, but it isn’t ready for cooking the food just yet. The hot plate won’t turn on until phones have been placed underneath it.
The more phones you put under the hot plate, the hotter it will get to cook your food. If someone removes their phone, the hot plate starts to cool down. This forces people to put down their phone if they want to cook.
By putting all the phones down, conversation automatically starts up, and meals become social again.

Sofa „Pet“ by Zero First Design

Fredrik Mattson designed the RGB table lamp, a jewelry-like bauble lamp

Stone by Norm Architects for Menu


Nex Pur Box Piure

Christoffer Martens Moorman bed
The bed structure does not contain any metal. It can be reduced to small dimensions for ease of transport. The different components only need to be fitted together. No tools are necessary.
Siebenschläfer is also available with headboard.

dualit architect


Monocle Wall Scone heart

Normann Copenhagen Amp lamp
AMP lamp is designed by Simon Legald and belongs to the collection of modern lamps from Danish Normann Copenhagen. This beautiful design lamp is made of marble and glass which creates a unique luxury.

Tommy floor lamp from speziell

Patrick De Vriendt, Loft lamp 88,00 eur heart

Spin by Swedese heart

Spin stackable stool

Jazz desk lamp from Calabaz