Random pics – iphone only

COS – new in

New home for our little trouble maker, her best buddy and partner in crime heart

Lunch break

Another lunch break – parmeggiano polenta love heart

Saturday morning fun

Chicken steak before cinema

His meal before cinema

Breakfast I shared with a colleague, her nail polish really matched our jogurt

Four weeks ago, Finally. heart

Random pics – iphone only

Last fall, visiting a friend

Lunch break

Green mousse (well, the rest), five course dinner

Best Wiener Schnitzel ever! Michelin starred chef.

Waiting for her for 15 minutes in the morning. She has cat fountain next to it, but no, I will shower later and be late to work. She is like…hm water? Let me see….water is wet. Hm…do i like it…let me see…I am not sure…let me think. Me – come on, just drink. She – don’t hurry me up, now I have to start all over again!

Random pics – iphone only

Crazy November

After a long week I was really ready to enjoy rich buble bath, having yogurt and cucumber mask on my face. With closed eyes, soft background music, luxury scent candle. And then the little one came and just ate the mask from my face! 5 minutes later I found her like this. Hard life. Yes.

City life

Visiting dear friend for a weekend. We met many years ago online heart, both of our lifes changed tremendously since then, but the friendship stayed.

65 kg of pure love, waiting for a cheese