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bluelounge sk-wh-l saidoka lightning

Bluelounge Rolio for iPhone

Bluelounge CableDrop

bluelounge kosta – charging base and stand for apple watch

Alexander Gufler erstellt, NARDO


Joolz day quadro

Paola Lenti

Bluelounge CableBox Mini

bluelounge cablebox

hay gold side table

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Bluelounge Sanctuary 4


Charger Box by Konstantin Slawinski heart
Industrial materials like steel can be cold, but the home accessories of German label Konstantin Slawinski are made to give them a warmer, touching slant. Designed as a place to store the mass of chargers that accumulate on our floors, shelves, or sideboards tidily and sleekly, the CHARGE BOX in powder-coated steel holds up to seven of our wired lifesavers inside and is topped with a felt cover for a soft look. An elegant and affecting home furnishing.



Side Box Shelf by Konstantin Slawinski heart
Designed not only as a shelf but a place to stash away small bits and bobs while keeping them accessible, the SIDE BOX in powder-coated steel and felt is a versatile piece for anywhere in the home.

Desktop Box Tray by Konstantin Slawinski

Health-Friendly Drinking Bottles by Ad-N-Art
Two litres a day: that’s the ambitious amount we should set ourselves to drink. And of course, that shouldn’t really be cola, coffee, or beer—unsweetened teas, fruit juices, or good old water are the ideal choices. Innovators in the field of drinkware for the last 16 years, North American label AD-N-ART has some multi-faceted bottles that help with a healthy existence. Each piece in the Asobu range is creative and shapely, and with a collection name that means fun and happy in Japanese, the drinking vessels not only keep you hydrated in delicious style but give the environment a boost too.

Citrus 2 Go Bottle by Ad-N-Art

Simply Clear Bottle by Ad-N-Art
The dishwasher-safe SIMPLY CLEAR Bottle is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bottles. Its heat-resistant double wall keeps liquids cold or hot for hours, whether you’re going to the office, for a picnic, or just on the move.

Twist n Go Bottle


Trinitas from Ligne Roset

Nubo – design GamFratesi, Ligne Roset. Compact-wall-mount-work-desk

Pixo desk lamp
The Pixo Lamp incorporates a USB port in its base, which means more convenience when charging our mobile devices. Many times you’ve reached behind your sofa/bed/table/desk to pick up a charging cable, you know it’s been too many. There are other impressive things about this lamp (360 degree rotating head, three-axis articulating stem, uses just five watts thanks to low-energy LEDs, etc.) but all we’re going to appreciate right now is the USB port (Hat tip to designers Pablo and Fernando Pardo for this small yet significant detail)





Shower Curtain by Mette Ditmer
Simple, honest, clean: the three pillars of Scandinavian design also happen to be exactly the way you want your home. Bringing graphic twists in stylish tones to this classic aesthetic, Danish designer Mette Ditmer believes that life and design are perfectly intertwined—in both, it’s the details that make all the difference.

PMZ Fan by ±0
We spend the winter dreaming about those hot summer days of working by an open window in a T-shirt, but when the summer comes, the idea of another sticky, sweaty afternoon seems unbearable. There is a solution. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa heart for innovative Japanese label ±0, the minimalist design of the PMZ Fan manages to include deluxe features like three fan speeds, a timer and sleep function, and a remote control for comfortable adjustment—all wrapped into a sleek shell that refines the aesthetic of a classic table fan. High Japanese design to keep you cool all summer—in more ways than one.

Air Purifier by ±0
From the deep humidity of the summer months to the stale dryness of the wintertime, creating the perfect indoor climate is a balancing act. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Japanese label ± 0, this innovative air purifier reflects a healthy devotion to the tenets of minimalistic design. The air purifier’s HEPA filter silently pulls air into its metal body, cleansing it of impurities before returning it to the room through a trumpet-shaped opening. Easy to operate and fitted with 5 settings, ± 0’s purifier lends a contemporary design accent to healthy living spaces. Breathe free, indoors and out.

Waterlooplein in Amsterdam, Kloosterstraat in Antwerp, and Brussel’s Place du Jeu de Balle: the bustling flea markets and streets of European cities are treasure troves of inspiration for Guillaume Santraine, put to stunning effect in his label’s lighting collections. After more than ten years developing luminaires, furniture, and other interior accessories for international companies, the French designer decided to launch RedCartel last year to funnel his creative energy and focus into one project. Bold with a note of retro style, the label’s eclectic ranges go to show how far hard work and pure inspiration can take you.

XXL Floor Lamp by RedCartel – 109 eur

Spacious Tech Charging Stations by ALLDOCK
The once was a time, not long ago, when people carried on perfectly well without mobile phones. Those days are over: in addition to smartphones, it’s completely normal to own a tablet, an e-reader, and more. Combine these with your partner’s tech companions, and home is suddenly overflowing with a jumbled mess of chargers, each fighting for space at the power point. Just the challenge the ALLDOCK was created to combat. A charging station that keeps multiple devices upright and in order with equally matched functionality and aesthetics, ALLDOCK is modern solution to the most modern of problems.

One charger, two chargers, three chargers, more—while there once was a time when one was all we needed, these days our power points are all fighting to power to our digital companions. Created to bring juice and order to phones, tablets, e-readers and more, the ALLDOCK is a charging station that handles it all. Equipped with a USB hub for up to six devices, the handy dock is constructed to keep them upright in a fully functional position while they charge.