Candle Holders by H. Skjalm

Lucie Kaas Sketch



Hong Kong based Ponti Design Studio have introduced Koma and Torus, two tea infusers for the kitchen utensil brand Ommo



The Wine Squirrel Is A Creative New Way To Keep Wine Fresh

Tony Gonsalves, a physicist based in Berkeley, California, wanted to create a way to keep leftover wine fresh for weeks.

You simply pour your leftover wine into the decanter.
The seal is so tight that you can turn it upside down without the wine spilling, making it easy to store until it’s ready to be opened again.

I have this solution for years. Although I wonder about the leftovers. Which leftovers?


Soffio Coffee Table 170 and all Flexform

From a formal standpoint this is an extremely architectonic table. SOFFIO has a metal base and a top in solid wood or marble. Solid and light at the same time, it plays with the clean form of the structure that supports the overhanging top. Originally rectangular in form, even in the length of 3 meters it conveys an idea of aesthetic lightness, thanks to the slender legs and top. SOFFIO generates a family of products, also including smaller tables and consoles.



Copycat Sobremesa Flos (F1952050). Michael Anastassiades

Langø® is a specialist in home textiles with its roots deep in the Nordic archipelago. Merinowool blankets are made of 80% merino wool, 20% polyacryllic. Merinowool manages moisture better than cotton, is comfortable in any weather condition and naturally resists odor. Also, it doesn’t itch like traditional wool. Opposite colors on the other side.