Random pics – iphone only

Getting ready

Fav brand

Aroma lamp

Fresh peppermint air whole night. Bye bye dry air. Hello beautiful skin.

Office breakfast

current situation

1000 g of Parmigiano Reggiano

Fav cake

Office life

Random pics – iphone only

Office, almost every day

Art work of a dear friend – chopping board/serving board

Fast food dinner

Back ups…i know

What’s for dinner?

stay safe during dark season

Lunch walk

Best asisan street food, food truck coming twice a week

Random pics – iphone only

Our garden

Clear Adria

Evewry morning and every evening feeding ferals

If you visit Krk please please feed them too

Croatia, Krk – Milohnici. Please take care of them if in that area.

Product of a climate change


In the hood

Insta victim

Dinner. Yolo

Lunch break

Lunch break