Ultra-Durable Headphones by Angle & Curve heart
If you were to make the perfect set of headphones, working with DJs and sound engineers might be a clever way of going about it. Angle & Curve, a young label based in London, did exactly that and teamed up with experts in all things sound related to produce quality headphones with a distinctive twist of retro charm. Produced in an environmentally sustainable manner with extensive quality control tests, these headphones are pure audio perfection.

Jewellery Box by TRONKS&Co
Our most beloved objects deserve to be protected—and in fitting style, naturally. So Spanish label TRONKS&Co crafts wooden caskets that are sure to become as cherished as their contents. The handmade Jewellery Box in solid maple wood with hollowed out sections is lined with leather, creating a soft home for delicate pieces, and has a circular mirror on the lid. A beautifully detailed container for small treasures.

Geometric Pendant Lamp by KAMIDESIGN
The Japanese art of origami has fascinated people for centuries—and Cologne label KAMIDESIGN are no exception, as the age-old craft influenced the intricate shapes of its handmade lighting and living accessories. In water-resistant and easy-to-clean cellulose, the Geometric Pendant Lamp is made for daily use, unlike its paper inspiration. Finished with a grey cable and a copper detail, this illumination sits beautifully at the point where tradition meets contemporary interiors.


Ring Air Purifier by clair
In summer, indoors can be muggy and stuffy, while winter turns the room musty and dry—finding the right atmosphere for your home is a balancing act. Designed by Korean label clair, the silent Ring Air Purifier uses captivatingly minimalistic design to create clean, breathable indoor air. Using a patented e2f filter engineered by the label and a three-level fan, the Ring pulls in and cleans air before pushing it back into the room, an intensive system that removes up to 99.97% of dust, mould, viruses, and allergens from the air. A decidedly contemporary form, for a healthy home environment—so you can take a deep breath and relax.

Belkin over ear headphones Pure heart

Grunding speakers

Divano time di Pianca

Tufty-Time B&B Italia


Interlübke CUBE

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Philips Rice Cooker
The Eco Rice Cooker was named not only for its electric efficiency, but also for its material eco-conciousness. Made from either recycled plastic or bio-plastic, the design’s minimal interface features less (and therefore more simple) controls to minimize the number of unnecessary component parts. Its compact size is perfect for single servings and won’t take up valuable counter or cabinet space.
Designers: Kim Hongjoo & Noh Jihun

Konstsmide-Modena heart

Menu Juuri storage glass. heart Designer: Sarah Böttger.
Juuri Storage Containers are designed to display delicious ingredients, cotton balls or your rare collection of fountain pens. The glass containers are all made from the very durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Metropolitan chair, B&B Italia
Designed by Jeffrey Bernett, Metropolitan ’14 is a fully upholstered rotating chair, denoting a flowing design of surfaces with a fully integrated seat cushion. Tailored seams highlight certain crucial areas. The seat’s profile, reminiscent of a simile, invites one to sit down and enjoy a moment’s rest. The hallmark of Metropolitan ’14 is the uniform flow of the seat into the armrests, creating a perfect nest for comfort and relaxation.